Chimaev explained the statement in which he said he would smash Khabib

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Chimaev explained the statement in which he said he would smash Khabib

Khamzat Chimaev, a 27-year-old Chechen fighter with a Swedish passport, is returning to the cage on October 30 this year with a fight against Chinese Li Jingliang. The brilliant Chimaev quickly caught the attention and created a certain “hype” around him after three wins within two months of his UFC debut.

However, a number of problems removed him from the cage and we have not watched him since September 2020. Chimaev attracted attention in the fifth month of this year. Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov talked about Khabib during Instagram "live"

"Khabib has completely destroyed everyone in the UFC, but the question is still whether he can destroy fighters in Akhmat that way." "I am ready to find an opponent of his weight in our club or organization and organize a fight for him.

I would pay him as much as he needs, he would get more money than for any UFC fight." "Khabib is a great athlete but he is a UFC project. He is one hundred percent their project because he has very good relations with the head of the UFC, Dana White."

"He had good fights there but you have to be aware that he is a UFC project. If someone doesn't fight, they take him off the rankings. Khabib didn't fight for two years and he stayed where he was, he even fought the champions when he came back."

"If he's not their project, why have I never seen our brother Khabib perform under the Russian flag or the flag of Dagestan? "

Khamzat explained his reaction

Khamzat Chimaev then joined the broadcast, saying he would tear Khabib apart if necessary.

Such a reaction by the Chechen fighter surprised many, but Khamzat now explained what exactly it was about and what prompted him to make such a comment. '' Some guy wrote me that Khabib was going to smash me, and I was just answering that guy, but I was wrong because I was answering some a**hole whom no one knows" "I replied that if Khabib wanted to smash me, I would do the same to him.

I said that because I am a real man and I respond in that way. If someone tells me they’re going to smash me, what do you expect me to answer him?" "The thought swirled in my head 'no one will smash me, I will smash everyone'

If you’re a real man, you have to think that way. Sometimes you forget that you are famous, and I became famous the day before." "It still happens to me that I wake up and I am not aware of it, '' said Chimaev, who wanted to allude to the fact that sometimes he is not aware that every one of his statements is put under a magnifying glass by the public.