Jon Jones' coach thinks Miocic is not an attractive opponent

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Jon Jones' coach thinks Miocic is not an attractive opponent

Just a few days after Dana White announced that Stipe Miočić had accepted the fight against Jon Jones, Mike Winkeljohn, one of Jon Jones' coaches, spoke up. Jones, like his team, doesn’t seem to see the fight against arguably the greatest heavyweight in UFC history as something enticing and interesting.

Namely, Winkeljohn claims that Jones is looking for the biggest possible challenge he can currently get. '' It's not a fight that excites me. Still, it probably doesn’t matter how much a particular fight excites me. However, I think that the fight against Miočić is not something that motivates and excites Jon Jones." "I think he wants a big fight, he wants a big challenge, and Stipe isn’t at the moment.

He (Stipe) is great, don’t get me wrong, but Jon wants the biggest challenge he can get right now." "That's his way of thinking, '' Mike Winkeljohn told Submission Radio, probably disappointing many who were looking forward to a potential fight after Dana White's announcement last week.

Winkeljohn tried to further clarify the situation.

Attractive fight

'' This is just my opinion. From my perspective, that fight doesn’t seem attractive to Jones. It just doesn't make sense. Attacking the title makes sense because honestly, Jones is the ‘P4P’ best fighter ever, and then why would he do an ordinary fight?" "The only reason could be if we decide that he needs to adjust to the new body (weight).

I don’t think there will be a need for that, Jon is already getting used to his size. There is no point in taking a step back, Jon is ready and wants a challenge, '' added Jones' coach. Mike Winkeljohn has not revealed when the return of Jon Jones could follow, but he is sure that it will happen once, at least in three or four years.

Jones 'coach stated that the heavyweights are fighting longer and that time is on Jones' side. It is a pity that a coach like Winkeljohn does not see Miočić as a kind of challenge and threat just because of the defeat against Francis Ngannou.

However, if Jones really takes a slightly longer break, maybe Stipe will return the belt to his ownership, and then Miočić will be asked a lot more. This can be a huge motivation for Miocic to try to be as good as possible and to try to prove that he is not an "easy" opponent for anyone in the world.