Michael Chiesa disappointed after defeat by Luque

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Michael Chiesa disappointed after defeat by Luque
Michael Chiesa disappointed after defeat by Luque (Provided by Sport World News)

Michael "Maverick" Chiesa had high expectations before the fight against Vicente Luque. He was aware that the fifth win in a row brought him very close to a potential fight for the UFC title, and that would be the first such opportunity for "Maverick".

However, sixth-ranked welterweight Vicente Luque proved to be an insurmountable obstacle this time around, and Chiesa addressed the public and fans via his Instagram profile. "I want to jump out in front of this now."
"First and most importantly, congrats to @luquevicente, he’s a stone-cold killer and a class act.

I look forward to seeing what’s next for him. It was an honor sharing the octagon with him."
"To say I’m embarrassed is an understatement. Physically I was in the best shape of my life, mentally I was battling myself every single day.

I put too much pressure on myself this fight and I cracked. " "Historically throughout my career, every time I have faced adversity and came up short, I’ve turned around and grown tremendously. A couple more wins and I’ll be back in the mix." "The goal remains the same, my belief is still just as strong and I love every single person that supports me so much that it hurts.

Next fight

Chiesa was a potential challenger if he beats Luque and that definitely put unnecessary pressure on him before fighting an extremely good and dangerous fighter.

However, it is to be expected that this defeat will not cause him a big drop in the standings, considering that they lost to a fighter who is ranked one place below him. Time will tell if Chiesa can reach a new winning streak and have the capacity to attack the very top of the UFC welterweight division.

He will turn 34 in December this year and he definitely has a few more good years ahead of him. Now it remains for him to mentally "refresh" and try to achieve his goal again. It is still not too late to attack the title, and he is aware of that and Chiesa who has shown that he can beat anyone, but it is necessary to mentally clarify some things and try to conquer his division.

This defeat is certainly difficult, but it could be a good lesson for him that will help him even more to succeed in his intentions. We will see who will be his next opponent and whether he can reach the title soon