Gane is ready for the match against Ngannou!

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Gane is ready for the match against Ngannou!

Ciryl Gane reacted very modestly and without too much euphoria to his own victory against Derrick Lewis, certainly the biggest in his MMA career so far. With a smile, he received the championship belt, still officially temporary for now, and then turned to his first “champion” statement.

In it, he did not forget the fact that he defeated his opponent in Houston, the city where he lives. "I feel good, although it's not easy to beat a man in front of his fans in his city. People can boo, but I send a lot of love to Lewis and all the fans," is the first thing Gane said, automatically creating a more positive atmosphere in the hall.

He fought the way he really needed to. He avoided too much risk and slowly destroyed Lewis until he finished him. It was actually an expected tactic, but many wondered if he had what it takes to finish his opponent. He showed that he really owns it and this is his most important, but certainly the most impressive victory so far.

"Everyone knows what my strategy is. I like to move, I like when my whole body is active. When I hit him I felt some anger inside me and everyone started telling me to go and attack. I obeyed them and succeeded." , commented on his approach as well as the finale.

It is known what is coming now, the clash against Francis Ngannou, and UFC will be able to sell it very well with the fact that they are former teammates.


In August 2019, when Gane debuted in the UFC, the current champion has not been under coach Fernando Lopez for a year, but there are certain memories, but also important links between the two.

Gane could have done the first part of the job of promoting the fight itself, but he did not have such an intention. He didn’t call out, he just sent the actually expected message to Francis. "I'm not going to say anything here.

We just have to do it," Bon Gamin said modestly and calmly. His nickname means “Good Child,” absolutely for a reason. Gane showed again this time how great a fighter he really is. It is certain that Ngannou will not have an easy task given that he knows the qualities of Gane.

Still, Ngannou is a great fighter and most consider him the favorite in this match. But let's wait a little longer for the real spectacle