White revealed his plans for Miocic and Jones

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White revealed his plans for Miocic and Jones

Ciryl Gane is the new UFC interim heavyweight champion and automatically the next participant in the title fight, that is, the opponent of Francis Ngannou. That’s what’s completely clear and certain after the UFC 265 event.

This resolved one part of the matchmaking of the mentioned category, but the question is what about the rest of the top. Apart from the contracted fights of Alexander Volkov against Marcin Tybura (October 30) and Curtis Blaydes against Jairzinho Rozenstruik (September 25), it is certainly worth mentioning that Stipe Miočić is without a fight.

We recently saw an expression of dissatisfaction of the former champion that he did not get a chance for a rematch immediately after losing the championship belt, and then came the statement of Dana White that Miočić accepted the fight against Jon Jones.

What is the situation after the end of the UFC 265 event, White was asked at a press conference immediately after the end of the same?

Jon Jones

The first question is what is the situation with Jon Jones, or is there any chance that he will accept to fight Stipe.

Unfortunately, the answer is what we could realistically expect. "Jones won't fight until next year. It's 2021 now, he won't fight until 2022. I don't even think about him anymore," White said, obviously frustrated by Jones' non-response to offers.

After all, White could understand Jones ’Twitter post posted a few days ago in response. Jones only wrote “champion2022” that way, which should actually mean a lot. He also commented on this event, but only by writing how great the fights were.

If Jones will not fight Miocic, the question is what to do with the former champion. As we’ve noted, the rest of the top fighters, other than Lewis who just suffered a defeat from Gane, don’t have a contracted fight, but it’s hard to expect Stipe to accept something he can’t characterize as a big fight.

White is now aware of that, as he initially purposefully left Miočić aside, with a plan to change the heavyweight picture a bit. "I don't know, I don't know at the moment. The wonderful thing about this division is that we had this fight today.

Now we have Francis against Cyril, then we have Jon Jones in 2022, and Stipe is also here. That means how in the next year or a year and a half a lot of good fun is coming, ”White shared his vision. The problem with Miočić could certainly be the years.

In ten days he will turn 39 and there is no point in waiting too long until the next fight, especially because the motivation for training is not so strong until you have a contracted performance.