Gaethje to Chandler: "It will be fun to punch you in the face"

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Gaethje to Chandler: "It will be fun to punch you in the face"

After months of constant skirmishes, the UFC fight between Michael Chandler and Justin Gaethje has finally been arranged. It should take place in November at the UFC 268 event, apparently in New York. It is an intriguing fight between two fighters who see themselves on the UFC throne and who will be looking for an opportunity to attack the throne for the second time.

They haven't spoken to each other since their fight was arranged, but now the UFC itself has provoked something like that. During their show, which aired while weighing in a UFC 265 event, Gaethje made a video call to the studio.

And it might not have been so interesting if one of the guests there wasn’t Chandler. Gaethje was obviously unaware of this, and at first, he was taken aback when asked if he wanted to say anything to Chandler. Then he chose his words though and set off.

Gathje did not use harsh words in his address and it can even be said that he was mild and that he did not want to offend his opponent.

Gaethje on his fight

Yet sometimes fighters use such tactics to arouse greater interest in their fight "I don't have much to say.

Once a year we do ugly things to each other. It's been a long time since I've fought someone I don't like. For some reason, you're a little different. I think James Vick is the last opponent I don't like. It would be fun to punch you in the face, "said Gaethje, who brutally knocked out Vick Chandler listened to him and then answered him only briefly.

“I also think it’s going to be a lot of fun,” is the response from a fighter who lost the title fight in May. Chandler really looks like a gentle guy who doesn’t want to offend his opponent or use any tactics to try to come away with a win.

Although he made a “boom” in the UFC in a short time, it didn’t affect his EGO and shows that someone who stays on the ground It is assumed that Gaethje's victory in this fight should be enough for a new attack on the title.

With Chandler, the situation is a little different, as fans did not look favorably on his first attack on the title. But if he surprises and comes to a convincing victory, he could re-ignite the first rather forced "Chandler hype" Of course, a lot will also depend on who will have the UFC title at that point.