Ngannou frustrated by UFC decisions

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Ngannou frustrated by UFC decisions

Ahead of us is a show where the UFC heavyweight division will get a temporary champion. UFC 265 is led by Derrick Lewis and Ciryl Gane, although it was initially expected that Francis Ngannou would defend the title he won in March, which he won with a victory over Stipe Miocic.

The UFC, after Ngannou, was still unable to fight as early as August, but only in September or October, made a rather hasty move and organized this fight, leading to anger among the Cameroonian and his team. Ngannou's emotions towards this fight are still the same.

He feels that something completely unnecessary has been carried out and that still frustrates him. Some of Dana White's recent statements, in which he believes that the president of the promotion tried to degrade his title, did not help.

Dana White's statements

"I heard a statement by Dane White today like this is going to be like a fight to unify the IBF and the WBC belt. No, there's no unification, this is one promotion and there's one belt, the UFC belt."

"It's not that it has a different name, like for example, PFL is coming to challenge UFC. Then we could talk about the unification of the belts." "I was there, I was waiting for the fight and they decided to introduce a temporary title.

This really surprised me because in the past it was not there, despite Stipe not being active." "They didn't consider it, they refused to talk about it," Ngannou told Sirius XM, adding: "I'm in a situation where nothing good comes to me or so it seems to me.

They have no intention of giving me anything good. Okay, but looking at my last series, I definitely deserve more respect, especially as a champion. I was at the bottom, I met him and I know what it's like. But I retaliated.

" The UFC’s plan could be to organize the next title fight at the end of the year, but it’s really hard to conclude anything since we don’t know what actually happened between the UFC and Ngannou. It is truly amazing to do a fight for a temporary title just four months after the new champion has won the right one and only a month or two before that champion intends to fight.

There are probably some conversations that the public will certainly not be aware of. Still, Ngannou has earned respect after all, and UFC leaders shouldn't treat him like this.