UFC in trouble over COVID vaccine

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UFC in trouble over COVID vaccine

The UFC 268 event will be held on Nov. 6 in New York’s Madison Square Garden. Apart from the announced fights between Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington and Sean Strickland and Luke Rockhold, Michael Chandler, who will be opposed by Justin Gaethje, should also perform as part of the great show.

However, Chandler claims that his performance in New York could be canceled if that fight is definitely part of the aforementioned event. Namely, New York has recently become the first major American city to insist on vaccinating all persons involved in indoor activities (restaurants, sports events, and various entertainment events).

"Iron" Michael Chandler has not received a single dose of the vaccine so far, nor it's planned to be vaccinated in the run-up to UFC 268 events. Therefore, certain questions arise about his performance. '' I just saw New York introduce some new epidemiological measures.

They demand vaccines if you are in indoor restaurants and sports or entertainment events." "The UFC show at Madison Square Garden is obviously in that category, and I won’t be vaccinated until then. I don't know how many planned fighters will be vaccinated for this event, I really don't know the number, '' Chandler said in a video via Instagram, further clarifying his personal views on vaccination.


‘I’m not an anti-waxer and it’s not that I don’t believe in the action of the vaccine. I just don’t want to receive it until it’s one hundred percent approved by the FDA (U.S.

Food and Drug Administration)." "We received all other vaccines that were 100% validated and approved. I don’t know what will happen to my fight, we’ll see. The UFC’s chances of selling out Madison Square Garden (capacity about 20,000 people) by selling tickets only to the vaccinated are significantly less."

"I repeat, I am not against the vaccine, but I believe that everyone has the right to their choice. I will not be vaccinated until November 6 and I will not be able to perform at Madison Square Garden. " It seems Michael Chandler has already come to terms with the fact that his fight against Justin Gaethje will have to be rescheduled for another date and a show not taking place in New York.

Dana White also spoke out about vaccinating UFC fighters. '' I would never order another person what to do with their body. If you want to get vaccinated, it’s up to you, it’s your choice. You will never hear me persuading people to get vaccinated."

"That will not happen. In New York, you are told that you cannot enter gyms and restaurants unless you have been vaccinated and do not have a certificate to that effect. Some people are fired because they refuse to receive the vaccine. That's not going to happen here, '' Dana White told TSN.