McGregor's tweet: "I wanna eat Khabib's children"

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McGregor's tweet: "I wanna eat Khabib's children"

About ten days ago, Conor McGregor shocked martial arts followers with a series of posts on Twitter. Although he removed them very soon after the announcement, they find themselves in the media very quickly. Among the few distasteful announcements, the most prominent was the one addressed to Khabib Nurmagomedov, which read "So, COVID is good and the father is bad."

He alluded to Khabib's statement that Dustin Poirier's victory over the Irishman was the victory of good over evil. These days, Khabib has finally commented on what the Irishman has done. In a very calm tone, in a podcast by Mike Tyson, he explained how he sees the whole situation.

‘Only evil people say so about your father, wife, children and religion. If you are a normal person, you will never talk about it. I think he posted that ‘tweet’ the moment he drank too much (alcohol) or consumed something else."

"He always deletes such posts. When he sobers up and looks at his cell phone, then he realizes what he has done and deletes those posts. That is my opinion, and he does it often, '' Khabib said.

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Instead of ending everything in that tone, the Irishman chose a new attack.

When Khabib had already mentioned wife and children, but also religion, McGregor decided to say something. Of course, he again chose the “tweet and delete” technique. This time he was pretty quick to erase, but again not fast enough.

A lot of people are actually subscribed to his profile and get notified as soon as he posts something, and then the “screenshot” is very easy to do. "I wanna eat his children !!! When was the last time he actually saw them? Wife? Mother? How about you go for a change to spend some time with your kids and family and keep my name out of your mouth because you get trapped somewhere again you mightn't be so lucy next time."

McGregor wrote. The first sentence is actually a quote from Mike Tyson’s famous statement addressed to Lennox Lewis Khabib is known to have a wife, Patimat, in Makhachkala, whom he married in 2013. They have three children, a daughter born in 2015 and sons born in 2017 and 2019.

His wife has never been photographed in public and Khabib absolutely successfully left his private life like that. It is clear that McGregor is trying to provoke Khabib in various ways, but for now he is not succeeding. Although he is no longer an active professional fighter, the Dagestani is doing everything as a champion.