Rockhold: "Who the fu*k Strickland is?"

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Rockhold: "Who the fu*k Strickland is?"

The UFC 268 event to be held Nov. 6 at Madison Square Garden yesterday became richer for a great showdown in the middleweight division. Former UFC middleweight champion Luke Rockhold will compete with current eighth-ranked middleweight fighter Sean Strickland.

While this is an extremely interesting match that has met with the approval of most MMA fans, Luke Rockhold is not particularly pleased with the opponent his UFC matchmakers have chosen, but the former champion has turned his back on White and he was angry '' I think Dana makes things harder than they actually are, probably because we differed in some views.

He appears in front of the media and says that they offered the fight to Sean Strickland, and then there was no offer." "Neither the potential date was known, nor was there an official offer. He just wants to throw out the news to put extra pressure.

I don't know what to say, except that it's stupid, '' Rockhold told Submission Radio, adding that the fight against Strickland was arranged. '' They've offered me a fight against Sean before, but I wasn't interested because the guy is nobody and nothing.

It’s not the fight I wanted. It didn't make sense to fight him, no one knew about him and I didn't care about him." "Now Dana is trying to provoke me with that fight. Of course, Strickland now beat Hall, looked good and his ranking is better now.

So now the match against him gets a certain meaning. It may not be the fight I really wanted, but they put me on a good show (UFC 268). '', Added Luke Rockhold.

Rockhold on Strickland

Sean Strickland after the win against Uriah Hall stated that one day he would like to kill someone in the ring (cage).

Rockhold believes that "Tarzan" crossed the line of good taste with that statement and was quite critical of him. '' Did that guy really say that? Then my manager confirmed to me that Strickland was constantly saying something like that, that it was his thing.

I was amazed and said to myself "what an idiot he is." Rockhold said that Khamzat Chimaev was also offered to him, but in the end, no agreement was reached. He described what he asks for when they're contracting a fight, or what he expects from the UFC when they offer him a particular opponent.

'' I want an intriguing fight, I was a champion in two organizations and I did my job. I’ve been away for a while due to injuries and now I want a fight that will excite and motivate me, and they offer me, Sean Strickland."

"I wondered who the fu*k Strickland was? What are you talking about? Is it a fight that will motivate me to come back? I told them (the UFC) to offer me something better than that, but the various options fell away as time went on and now we are where we are."

" I do not care. The boy (Strickland) did his job and to some extent built his name and reputation. I accept that fight now, '' added former UFC champion Luke Rockhold.