Sean Strickland expressly responded to Rockhold

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Sean Strickland expressly responded to Rockhold

Did anyone doubt that Sean Strickland would allow Rockhold to call him an idiot and that Sean will not answer him? It only took a few hours for "Tarzan" to react to the comments of the former UFC middleweight champion, and the address via Instagram was extensive and in the classic Sean style.

The description of the video in which Strickland addresses Rockhold reads: ' 'From one NOBODY to another NOBODY.. @lukerockhold is the type of guy who stands in front of the mirror beating off to his reflection. The only reason why Luke isn't gay is he can't afford to clone himself...

'' Strickland wrote, alluding to Rockhold's famous narcissism. In the video there are a series of threats and insults direct from Sean towards Luke Rockhold, with whom he will fight at the UFC 268 event in New York.

He wants to beat him

The eight-ranked welterweight is extremely clear in his intentions to beat Rockhold, even if it is in the parking lot or in the gym during training.

'' I just did my fight and I took some rest, but a bunch of people inform me that Luke Rockhold called me an idiot and a scoundrel. Everything he says may be true." "But let me tell you one thing. You and I may never fight.

I don’t fight in a cage for egoistic reasons. Getting paid for something I love to do is something I enjoy (and fight for)." "But I'll tell you one thing. You can’t live within my radius, talk s*it about me and not expect me to punch you in the face.

We don’t have to fight, that’s okay." "But we will meet at the RVCA (the hall where they both train sometimes). I'll see you in the parking lot, I'll get to you and I'll break your fuc*ing face. And you look like that type of pu**y who talks s*it and then calls the police." " But you’re so conceited and arrogant that I’d probably accept a misdemeanor charge just for the reason of breaking you up and watching your head bounce off the ground." "So we don't have to fight, but don't talk s*it because we'll meet again and I'll break your fuc*ing face.

" Although UFC 268 offers a fight between Colby Covington and Kamaru Usman, a duo that will continually quarrel through the media, there is no doubt that Sean Strickland and Luke Rockhold will also get some media attention. "Evil blood" formed quite early between the two of them, and three months remained until the fight.