'Pit Bull': "McKee was great, but I'll be back stronger than ever!"

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'Pit Bull': "McKee was great, but I'll be back stronger than ever!"

One of the most dominant and best fighters in the history of Bellator suffered a convincing defeat in last night's fight in which he defended the featherweight belt. Patricio "Pitbull" Freire (32-5-0) not only lost the title but also lost the final of the Bellator Grand Prix.

His opponent A.J. McKee (18-0-0) went home with a belt, but for winning the aforementioned Grand Prix, he was also rewarded with a million US dollars. Definitely a hard and bad night for Pitbull. For the first time in his career, Freire was defeated by submission, but it seems that the Brazilian accepted the fact that the opponent was simply better this time.

'' He was great tonight. He kicked me in the head, almost knocked me out, and almost finished me off. He was good and I congratulate him on that. "," Pitbull "showed respect for the new champion. Given that Freire is the current lightweight champion, there are big chances that he and the 26-year-old McKee will fight at least one more time.

Namely, the American stated that he is probably done with the lightweight category and that he plans to move to a higher category and win another belt. "Pitbull" will learn a lot from this defeat and will certainly be more careful and ready in the next fight.

The 34-year-old is not the only one who will learn certain lessons from this defeat.

Lesson to son

Namely, Freire explained at the press conference that he would pass on the lessons to his son. "I already told him, 'Son, this is an example of a bad day, but it's a part of your life.'

He’s a happy young boy and doesn’t quite understand all things. However, I'm sure he will remember this. " Freire also referred to the above situation, about allegations of A.J. McKee on the transition to the lightweight category, and the Brazilian answered whether he wants to fight immediately for that belt against the great American fighter "I know that he is physically big and that he has problems losing weight.

But I would think a little about the next fight. I have a belt and I am still a world champion. First of all, I want to rest, enjoy with my son and wife, and then I will come back stronger than ever. " said Patricio Freire.

The great Bellator veteran lost the featherweight belt earlier in his career. Daniel Strauss defeated him in 2015 by a unanimous decision of the referee, and Patricio returned the belt with a rematch in 2017. "Pitbull" finished Strauss with a "guillotine" in the second round and held the belt until last night's fight..