Strickland: "If there was no UFC, I would probably ‘cook’ meth"

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Strickland: "If there was no UFC, I would probably ‘cook’ meth"

Uriah Hall failed to come away with a fifth win in a row. Sean Strickland proved to be an insurmountable obstacle and defeated Hall by a unanimous decision of the referees after five rounds of dominance. As part of tonight’s event, Paul Felder was tasked with interviewing caged fighters just after the fight.

Quite interesting was Strickland’s thanks to the UFC. '' I just want to fight and make money. As long as that logo (the UFC logo) is under my feet (in the cage) as I fight, I’m happy. The UFC gives me the meaning of life, if there was no UFC, I would probably ‘cook’ meth in a caravan or be in jail."

"I'm grateful to the fans and the UFC, you're giving me meaning and I'm grateful for that, '' Strickland said, laughing at Felder, who said it was time to end the interview. Sean Strickland also had interesting statements at the press conference that followed the event.

Namely, the 186 significant shots Sean hit in today’s fight are a UFC middleweight record. "Tarzan", however, was not particularly enthusiastic about this information. '' That means I have to learn to hit harder.

You could say I’m hitting like a weakling. Everyone tells me that I broke the record, and I tell them that it simply means that I can't hit hard, '' Strickland explained.

Next opponent

When it comes to the next opponent, Sean has no particular desire.

'' There will always be some other killer. I will fight someone again in the coming months. Maybe I win, and maybe I end up knocked out. It is important to me to make money." "I can list about two fighters in this category.

Brad Tavares because we train together and Israel Adesanya. I don’t watch fights often. I just like to fight. " Indeed, Strickland is a very interesting fighter and has statements that arouse great public interest. He didn't choose his words this time either, but that's his way of making a profit and entertaining the audience and the people around him.

We will see if Strickland can continue with such good form, given that he has so far shown that he is a very tough opponent for anyone. Although he sometimes seems disinterested and doesn't seem to want to fight anymore, the UFC is what motivates him and gives him strength, and with his fights he doesn't seem to want to lose the trust he was given.