T.J. Dillashaw confidently: ‘Sandhagen was lucky"

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T.J. Dillashaw confidently: ‘Sandhagen was lucky"

Former UFC bantamweight champion T.J. Dillashaw (16-4, 12-4 UFC) returned last weekend fighting with a win against Cory Sandhagen (14-3, 7-2 UFC). Divided by the referees, Dillashaw quickly returned to the very top of the category after a two-year suspension due to doping, but there are a number of people who believe that Sandhagen should have been the winner of that fight.

T.J. Dillashaw disagrees and thinks he would have been even more convincing if he hadn’t gotten into a fight with a leg injury. “Cory is really lucky that my knee was messed up when I took his back so many times, because it would have been a different story if I was actually able to lift him or throw my hooks in,” Dillashaw said on Bruce Buffer’s “IT’S TIME!!!” podcast.

“When I took his back, I tried doing a couple of trips. But every time – I remember lifting him in the second round, I took his back and my knee completely buckled on me and I was like ‘Oh, we can’t do that anymore.’ “So a lot of those back controls would have been – I believe I would have finished him if my leg would have been healthy.

But you know what? Maybe it’s better I didn’t. " "I got to show that I have that grit, I have that comeback mentality, I have that fight-through-adversity, and I showed that my cardio is second to none.

No one is going to outpace me. I work harder than everyone. So maybe it worked out in my favor. I built a lot of fans back in that fight”.


“Going into the decision, I heard split – got me a little nervous.

But I knew that it was a tough-fought fight,” Dillashaw said. “I knew that Cory did a great job." "He definitely did a good job of using his range and his footwork and his striking accuracy and things like that.

But you’ve got to remember, this fight is fought on rounds. He did do most of his damage in Round 2 when I came out after I popped my knee. “Most of the damage he did in the fight was in Round 2. Even if you give him two rounds, all of the damage he did were in those two rounds he did it in.

The other rounds, I was controlling the distance, I was controlling the pace, I was on his back." "I won. I did what I had to do on one leg to get that win. To beat a guy like Cory Sandhagen on one leg, I ain’t going to be mad at that”.

It is realistic that the fight between the two great bantams was extremely close and tense, so there is no sense in talking about some kind of theft. The judges saw T.J. Dillashaw as a slightly better fighter, and Sandhagen did not show particular disappointment with the refereeing criteria.