Darren Till under police investigation for Instagram post

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Darren Till under police investigation for Instagram post
Darren Till under police investigation for Instagram post (Provided by Sport World News)

UFC fighter from Liverpool Darren Till has been profiling as an extremely interesting person on social media for some time now. His Instagram and Twitter profiles are often full of various humorous posts and so-called "memes".

However, his jokes often cross the line of good taste and individuals find themselves offended. Something similar happened this time, but it went a step further, it was reported to the police. Darren Till posted a "meme" on his Instagram profile a few days ago, insulting transgender people.

The image contains the pregnant woman on ultrasound, and the image of feces is displayed on the monitor. The text above the image says: "When you're transgender and you think you're pregnant." "Gorilla" shared that "meme" by writing "Have a good week everyone".

His Instagram post was reported to Merseyside Police, and Darren’s Instagram profile was temporarily (or permanently) blocked.


Liverpool Echo states that many people reported the announcement to their editorial office, stating that it was a disgusting and disappointing announcement by a Liverpool fighter.

It remains to wait for the reaction of the police and a possible sanction for Darren Till. Meanwhile, he posted via his Twitter profile, which is not currently blocked, and it seems that the seven-ranked fighter of the UFC middleweight category does not regret his post on Instagram at all.

'' The post had 100,000 likes. It could be said that it was a successful day of posting on Instagram. I have a brutal post for this weekend, even more, offensive than that. Turn post notifications on!!! '', Till wrote in response to certain announcements related to the police investigation.

The Briton did not bear any heavier sanctions for previous posts, except for blocking accounts on social networks. However, Till might need to be careful because it is only a matter of time before an offended group of people will stand up to the UFC and lobby for additional sanctions from the MMA organization where Darren Till plays.

The UFC may tolerate such things as Till enjoys popularity and competes for the very top, but what happens if an English fighter falls into a losing streak and stops being interesting to fans? Of course, this will not change things, and they will probably provoke Till even more, who will be sanctioned in a certain way. Some love him even more after this, while some vehemently condemn the UFC fighter’s behavior.