Sean Strickland almost shot the man

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Sean Strickland almost shot the man
Sean Strickland almost shot the man (Provided by Sport World News)

UFC middleweight fighter Sean Strickland (23-3, 10-3 UFC) will lead the UFC on ESPN 28 event this weekend by fighting Uriah Hall (17-9, 10-7 UFC). 11-ranked Strickland is a very vivid personality and often shares some interesting stories from his life.

This time, with a series of "stories" on Instagram, he described a situation in which he almost shot a man. Driving through Lake Elsinore, California, Sean remembered that moment because it was exactly where it happened. '' For anyone wondering how I almost killed a man, I was here at some gathering and I was probably talking too much shit and being an idiot.

The next moment, a guy puts a shotgun to my head." "I idiot hit him in the face, he fell, and I took away his weapon and I was wondering if there was any legal basis that would protect me if I shot this guy in the head." "Unfortunately, I looked around and there were witnesses everywhere, and I realized that I would go to prison if I killed him.

I emptied my rifle, returned it, and left. '', Strickland described how the incident occurred and then described his grief for the witnesses present.


"The point of the story is: man, you almost died, and I regret every day that witnesses were present because I could have shot you.

However, I forgive you too." "But I repeat, I would definitely shoot him and I would enjoy every moment watching his head explode. However, there is no legal basis on which I may shoot an unarmed guy who is kneeling and praying for his life." "I wish I had shot him, but I would have gone to jail.

People, I am not an angry and unhappy person. I am one of the happiest people you will ever meet. I wake up every day and be extremely grateful for life. It is possible to shoot someone in the head without being angry. If nothing else, it can be enjoyable.

'', Added the UFC fighter to at least a bizarre statement. As a reminder, Sean Strickland is not unfamiliar with statements that cause public outrage. In late June, he clashed with his sparring partner Orlando Sanchez and shortly afterward made a statement in his own style.

'' I like to hurt people. Don’t be shocked when I do something like that. Be shocked by what you have done. If you want to talk shit about me, but not online but live, bring your kids too." "After I punch you in the mouth, your kids can watch me smash their fucking cowardly father. Maybe they learn a lesson and don't become bitches like you. "