VanZant sent a message to critics

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VanZant sent a message to critics

When someone is as popular as Paige VanZant, and not in the foreground, not because of the quality of what he is primarily doing, automatically, with all the popularity, comes the opposite. There are not a small number of those who almost seem to be just waiting for a stumble and start celebrating and thus probably feed their ego.

The popular fighter felt it once again, after the defeat at the BKFC 19 event inflicted on her by Rachael Ostovich. The popular Paige entered the boxing match as a big favorite, she did a very good first two rounds, but in the last three, she simply did not show enough.

She did not have that impression, so after the fight, she just left the ring in protest, but the fact is that she did not deserve the victory. Immediately after the fight, she met with the above-mentioned critics, and after a while VanZant decided to address them in person.

She sent a message after the defeat via Instagram, a social network where almost three million people follow her. "Guess what bitc*es???!! I’m still smiling!!! My story is full of setbacks, road blocks and detours.

But, it is also filled with major comebacks, peace in my soul and a grace that saved my life." "I promise you this, I would endure this pain everyday of my life over the pain of regret. I am going to keep chasing my dream one step at a time.

99.9% of the people on earth would not dare do what I do." "This story will be even better then my first. And if you haven’t read my book before click the link in my bio. That is real pain. This is just a bad chapter.

And to anyone out there struggling." "Pain is only for a moment. The world may be dark and love to hate on you, but darkness does not drive out darkness only light can do that. So DO NOT STOP SHINING!!!!" Paige wrote, while the attached photos speak enough about what she said to everyone who criticized her.

Realistic picture

The realistic picture is actually such that no Paige can dispute combativeness, heartiness, and desire. But her boxing technique looked almost tragic in both BKFC performances. There is almost no defense, so Ostovich, a fighter with technically also very poor boxing skills, hit her almost whenever she intended.

Paige was not helped by Pedro Diaz in her corner, nor by the preparations, she made with this world-famous coach. VanZant intends to continue with what she does, but it’s hard to conclude how it will fix her shortcomings.

Defeats by Britain Hart and Rachael Ostovich say nothing but that she is still “low level” and we all know why there is still fan and media attention around her.