Covington: "Nate Diaz has not won since Obama was president"

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Covington: "Nate Diaz has not won since Obama was president"
Covington: "Nate Diaz has not won since Obama was president" (Provided by Sport World News)

Although Leon Edwards thinks he deserved a chance to attack the belt with his win against Nate Diaz, Colby Covington does not agree at all. As a reminder, Edwards defeated Nate at UFC 263, and it was his ninth win in his last ten UFC appearances.

Only Belal Muhammad did not win in those ten appearances, but that fight ended in a "no contest" due to Leon's stab wounds in the eye of an opponent who was unable to continue the fight. It’s hard to say that the Birmingham fighter doesn’t have a good argument when it comes to attacking the title.

However, Covington tried to downplay Leon Edwards' last appearance in his style. '' I didn't watch the fight between those two (Diaz and Edwards) losers. They both got into that fight after the defeat. '' Edward Scissorhands (Edward Scissorhands) lost by disqualification for stabbing in the eye of Belal Muhammad." "He did it three or four times and was warned in ‘backstage’.

He is a loser and has to work on his winning streak. It made sense for him to fight another loser, Nate Diaz."

Call out

"When was the last time he (Nate) won the fight? I think Barack Obama was still president when Nate last won.

He’s a little Soy Boy (a man with a lack of masculine qualities) from California, a washed-up fighter who only fights for money." "It’s no honor to beat a guy like him, he was at his peak 10 years ago. Me, the fans, and the UFC don't care about that fight because it's an obvious small preliminary fight for them, '' Colby told Chaos Covington in an interview with James Lynch.

It is clear that this is not something new and unusual when it comes to Covington. This is simply his style by which he calls out everyone, regardless of the outcome of the fight and the presentation itself. However. "Chaos" is a fantastic fighter and we are looking forward to his rematch against the current champion Kamaru Usman.

Leon Edwards on the other hand will probably need another win or will simply wait for his chance on the sidelines. As for Nate Diaz, his last win dates back to August 2019. By a unanimous decision of the referees, he defeated Anthony Pettis, and yet the president was not Barack Obama but Donald Trump. The answer will certainly be interesting (if it happens)

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