Dillashaw revealed what kind of injury he had

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Dillashaw revealed what kind of injury he had
Dillashaw revealed what kind of injury he had (Provided by Sport World News)

The hardest two and a half years in his life and career are behind TJ Dillashaw. For others, the former UFC champion is to blame and he accepted his punishment immediately. But that doesn’t mean it was easier for him to endure the aforementioned deserved punishment.

A steep fall from top to bottom is a big change and a shock for absolutely everyone. It's behind him now. He marked his return to the Octagon with a close, but by no means undeserved victory over Cory Sandhagen. Winning a fight where he had to face more challenges than the opponent.

Already in the first round, there was a cut that caused him problems because the blood would go to his eye, and he also injured his knee, which could be seen in the style of fighting he used most of the time. He revealed something about that at the press conference on the occasion of the end of the fight and the event which led.

"Unfortunately, after the first round, I couldn't lift anymore. I grabbed his back a couple of times in positions I'm normally very good at, but I couldn't get my legs back and lift him." " I used my knees the best I could.

I wasn't lucky. A couple. times I tried to make scissors. I tried to lift him again in the second round, but my knee just wouldn't let it, "Dillashaw revealed why his fight was harder than it actually should have been and why he only managed to knock Cory down twice from 19 attempts.


Knee injuries will, unfortunately, require surgery, but this is not the only injury he has had problems with. He discovered that in fact the entire preparatory camp was riddled with injuries, but he had no intention of giving up at any point.

"I had a very, very, very difficult camp. I couldn't spar all the preparations. For the first camp, when the fight was planned for May 8, everything was fine except I had a cut, but I coped well with it, I could spar." "The second camp I couldn't manage to stay healthy.

First I injured a nerve in my foot and until two days before the fight I couldn't train without sneakers. " "That's the worst thing I've ever encountered. I injured my right knee ligaments, too, left shoulder, the whole camp I had problems with it." "Of course I didn't want to talk about it or prepare any excuses.All I needed was to do that fight. It took too long. There was no chance of me giving up this fight"