Anderson Silva chose the four best fighters

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Anderson Silva chose the four best fighters

As time goes on, conversations about the G.O.A.T. of MMA will not go away, but could only settle down with the arrival of new greats. Currently, in conversations on this topic, the situation is such that Fedor Emelianenko, Georges St-Pierre, Jon Jones, and Anderson Silva are quoted the best.

Many would choose four of them and choose them on their MMA version of "Mount Rushmore" But what does one of the above, the last one, think about something like that? Anderson Silva has never said for himself personally that he is the greatest, although of course, he is proud of all his achievements.

Likewise, it has never been a problem for him to appreciate the results of others and to easily discover who those he admires are. However, it was not easy for him when he was given the task of highlighting those he considered the best.

And immediately by his first name, he surprised many. "There are a lot of different fighters I respect, but if we're talking about the best, I'd say BJ Penn. Everything this guy has done is amazing, everything he's done for this sport.

Khabib, Khabib is a beast, he's amazing."


Khabib is someone we are used to praising. He also praised Royce Gracie whom he also believes has laid the foundations of all of this "His wrestling, the pressure, the way he fights, he changed this sport.

I would definitely say Royce Gracie, it all started with him. Without him, there would be nothing. Nothing, UFC, or anything else. My best friend Minotauro is also here. He's my teacher, he gave me a black belt in jiu-jitsu, "Silva enumerated his four in an interview with GiveMeSport.

Penn is certainly a sports legend and a man who has held the title of two UFC divisions, but so far almost nowhere have we been able to see anyone rank him among the greatest. Especially after he has pretty much tarnished his career in recent years, both with performances and episodes in his private life.

The explanation in Nurmagomedov and Gracie certainly justifies the choice, and as for Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, or the Minotaur, he is allowed a little subjectivity, right? Interestingly, everyone on Sylvain’s list is a retired fighter, while he still exists in martial arts.

After a boxing win against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., 46-year-old Silva is close to re-entering the ring by arranging a match against Logan Paul.