Olivera: "I believe I can submit Poirier"

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Olivera: "I believe I can submit Poirier"

In May, we got a new UFC lightweight champion, the successor of Khabib Nurmagomedov. We already know very well how it became Charles Oliveira, who came to a UFC event for the first time this month in the role of champion. He was a guest of Dustin Poirier’s UFC 264 show and fight Conor Mcgregor.

The UFC's plan was probably to confront him in the Octagon with the winner and thus immediately start promoting his first title defense, but the way the fight ended made it impossible. Dustin Poirier is announced that day as the next opponent and he is counting on it.

He was a little disturbed, however, by Poirier's message to Nate Diaz, in which he expressed an interest in settling some of the old bills left behind, as their agreed fight had never taken place. If it went in that direction, Dustin would refuse the title fight for the second time, both times against the Brazilian.

"I believe Dustin fought Conor because he knew he was going to make a lot of money. He missed the belt fight, but he knew that if he won he would be next in line." "But now I don't know what his plans are. A fight against Nate would bring he also has a lot of money, but I don't see the logic for it.

Everyone thinks in their own way and I think Oliveira and Poirier's fight is the one that needs to be arranged." "But I'm not worried. I'm a champion and I don't hunt anyone but I'm the one that others are hunting and trying to get to my belt, ”Oliveira told MMA Fighting.


If a fight, as everyone hopes, comes, he is convinced of his victory, and he knows how. Having done so only once in the last five fights, he believes “Do Bronx” will return to his most famous method, his record one.

"I have confidence in the strength of my hands, but I think in the fight against Dustin I can submit him. I will work with my hands, punches, damage him, and then submit him" "It will be a war, a great fight. He deserves all possible respect, has strong hands and good jiu-jitsu It will certainly be a good fight but I believe in my victory I appreciate him for everything he has done but I am not a person who cares about what someone brings in the fight." "Everyone knows how much I have progressed and what kind of grappling I have.

I am well, mentally, physically and spiritually. I am happy. What is mine, I intend to defend in December "he announced.