Poirier: "McGregor’s excuses are a sign of mental weakness"

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Poirier: "McGregor’s excuses are a sign of mental weakness"

Although nearly two weeks have passed since the UFC 264 event, the storm has not subsided around Conor McGregor’s injury. Now the actor of the main fight of the evening, Dustin Poirier, gave his review. Immediately after the fight, "Diamond" in a conversation with Joe Rogan pointed out that after only twenty seconds of the fight, he noticed that Conor had cracked something after a kick that blocked him.

The Irishman does not agree that his injury came as a result of a blocked kick, but claims that he entered the fight seriously injured. Dustin Poirier thinks these are ordinary excuses. '' I think that shows his mental weakness.

He’s weak and uses excuses, but I try not to read too much about the subject or listen to what people are saying because I’m back home and spending time with family." "The win is written and I know that I did what I needed to do during the fight, before the fight, and during the training camp.

He and other people can say what they want, but things are as they are." "I’m healthy, I came home, I added another win to my ratio and I’m still the first challenger. Those are the facts. He (Conor) still had a bunch of excuses after our second fight."

"He claimed he was preparing for a boxing match, Manny Pacquiao was his main preoccupation, etc. If you prepare for a fight, you will always drag some injury. An elbow, a fist, an arm, an ankle, something will always hurt, '' Poirier said in TEDdy Atlas' THE THE FIGHT podcast.


Dustin Poirier noticed one illogicality in the Irishman's statements claiming that he entered the fight with an ankle injury. Namely, Conor was focused on as many kicks as possible during the first round, and it is not clear to Poirier why someone with a leg injury would opt for such tactics.

'' It's not a smart tactic if he was really hurt. Especially if we consider the place he hit with his kicks. He didn’t hit my leaf or thigh. He hit my knee. They were blows from bone to bone." "Such punches are usually thrown with some sort of ‘setup’ where you first throw a manual technique and then continue with a kick.

He threw individual kicks." "Maybe it was in his head to try to prove how he too could win that way because I ruined his leg in another fight. I have no idea what he and his coaches thought, '' Dustin added