White: "McGregor suffers from chronic arthritis"

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White: "McGregor suffers from chronic arthritis"
White: "McGregor suffers from chronic arthritis" (Provided by Sport World News)

A lot of dust has been raised around Conor Mcgregor’s injury in a fight against Dustin Poirier at UFC 264 event. There are various claims related to the exact cause and moment of the injury. Dustin Poirier claims to have blocked the Irishman’s blow and caused him to fracture, McGregor claims he entered the fight injured, but the Nevada Athletic Commission denies such allegations.

In an address on Instagram, the Irishman said, among other things: "I was injured before the fight. People question me when exactly my leg broke, at what point in the fight. Ask Dan White, ask the UFC, and Dr. Davidson, the chief doctor at the UFC.

They knew I had fracture stress before the fight, '' but UFC leader Dana White only spoke out yesterday. White confirmed Conor's claims and explained that Conor was having serious problems with his ankle. The UFC president also adds that it’s not clear to him why Conor didn’t wrap his ankle before the fight.

'' He's been dragging his ankle problems for years and he's asked permission to wrap his ankles before a fight at UFC 264. The Nevada Athletic Commission granted his request, but for some unknown reason, he did not do so. But yes, he suffers from chronic arthritis in his ankles, '' Dana told Fox News.


It is not known when the Irish fighter could return to the cage, but White expects him in mid or late 2022. '' It will take him a year to recover from this injury, so I don't know (when we'll watch him again), we'll see.

The game of martial arts is a tough game, and he cemented his legacy while making a bunch of money. We will see how his career unfolds, '' White added. As a reminder, Conor explained in his address on Instagram that he needed surgery for a long time and that this kind of fracture came in handy in order to finally accept the operation.

''My leg needed surgery." "I should have healed my ankle and lower leg injuries, and if something like this hadn't happened, I would never have agreed to go under the knife," Notorious said. Maybe Conor really solves his chronic problems and returns in the best possible edition.

There are a lot of unknowns on this issue, and time will tell. It is certainly not desirable to fight in such a way, but it also speaks about the character that this Irishman has