Chandler: "Makhachev puts you in positions from which you cannot move"

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Chandler: "Makhachev puts you in positions from which you cannot move"

With a win against Thiago Moises last weekend at the UFC Vegas 31 event, Islam Makhachev came up with as many as the eighth win in a row. However, he now wants a high-ranking opponent for the next fight. Thiago Moises is ranked five places lower than Islam, but the Dagestani has accepted the fight because he wants to fight as much and as often as possible.

He often points out that he has big problems finding opponents, and in his statements, after the last fight he called out a number of names such as Tony Ferguson, Rafael dos Anjos and Michael Chandler, who also worked as an ESPN analyst as part of the show.

'' I saw Michael Chandler here, why don't we fight (in the next fight)? Come on Chandler! Did you come to the UFC for easy fights? You came from Bellator and we want to afford you tough fights. " "Chandler, if you can hear me, let's go fight.

You came from Bellator and I want to test your skills, '' Islam said. Michael Chandler is known as a fighter who does not fail to show respect to someone who deserves it, and he did not perceive the call-up by Makhachev as something offensive and negative.

'' An interesting little roll call. Tonight he did what he announced he would do, and that was also what he had to do. He went out into the cage and left a big mark on the great performance. "Now, however, he is doing something else that he should.

He is currently in ninth place in the rankings and wants to name as many names as possible that are above him." "The man impressed me today. I have to get out of the combat suit and comment on this as an analyst.

He did a phenomenal job against a very solid opponent. The guy has a bright future and we'll see what happens, '' Chandler said.

Chandler on Makhachev

UFC fighter Michael Chiesa also found himself in the role of an analyst and did not allow Chandler to avoid the question of a potential fight between him and Islam.

From the day he played for Bellator, Michael Chandler often said that he was stylistically the worst possible opponent for Khabib and that he believed he could beat him. Khabib has retired and Chandler will not have a chance to prove it, but there is Islam Makhachev, according to some even an improved version of Nurmagomedov.

The former Bellator champion is a great wrestler and therefore believes he can handle fighters like Khabib or Islam. '' I'm at the home ground when it comes to wrestling. I think wrestling beats judo, BJJ, and sambo.

Maybe I’m mistaken because wrestling is my sport." "However, Islam Makhachev puts you in positions from which you cannot move. Thiago Moises has great chain grappling. We saw him moving in all directions, up, down, rolling on the floor, doing sweeps."

"He could not do such things against Islam. Islam simply neutralizes opponents, and when you neutralize an opponent, it is not just about physical advantage but also mental." " It’s about emotions and cardia.

He sucks the life out of you. Can he keep up the pace for so long? Tonight he showed that he can finish the fights in later rounds as well." "However, I find that wrestling beats sambo, that is, wrestling beats every other martial art.

Maybe one day we will get proof, '' Chandler added, indicating that one day he could fight Islam and highly value his skills.