The Cage Warriors champion signed a contract with the UFC

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The Cage Warriors champion signed a contract with the UFC

23-year-old Irishman Ian Garry (7-0) became the champion of the Cage Warriors welterweight category in late June this year. Just over two weeks after winning the first belt of his career, the young man signed a contract with the strongest MMA organization in the world.

He shared the news on his Instagram profile: "It was always inevitable," the Irish fighter wrote and shared a video in which he can be heard saying: "Ever since day one, from my promotion debut, I've been saying I'm going to be a champion and go to the UFC and build my legacy."

Ian Garry unanimously defeated Jack Grant (17-6-0) at the CW 125 event and thus reached the welterweight title. He finished five of the seven opponents so far in the first or second round (four by knockout, one submission) and he is a fighter who rightly exudes high self-confidence.

The 191-centimeter-tall welterweight is somewhat reminiscent of Conor McGregor from his younger days. As a reminder, "Notorious" once performed under the auspices of the Cage Warriors, and everyone is familiar with videos in which young Conor said similar things as Ian Garry now.


"The Future" is the nickname of the UFC's new acquisition, and the young Irishman will turn 24 in November. We’ll be looking forward to his debut because he’s a fighter who really looks promising, and if he manages to combine good results with his charisma, the UFC could easily get a new Irish star.

Conor McGregor is still incredibly popular, but it is obvious that his fighting qualities are in sharp decline, which is evident through his results in the last few years. By the way, Ian Garry is also known to the British public as the boyfriend of 15-year-older Layle Anne-Lee.

The British woman with Brazilian roots is a well-known sports reporter, and we often watched her as the host of the UFC Connected show. Garry and his fans are aware that he will not have an easy task in the most popular MMA organization, and that the opponents who are waiting for him are much more dangerous and much more serious than the previous organization.

However, this is quite logical, and it is certain that Garry will have to raise his performances to a much higher level if he wants to be competitive. He is still young, and it will be important for him to stay under the auspices of the UFC to develop his career in a positive direction.