Makhachev wants Ferguson to be his next opponent

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Makhachev wants Ferguson to be his next opponent

With the dominant performance, Islam Makhachev came to the eighth victory in a row within the world's strongest MMA organization. Thiago Moises proved to be a solid opponent, but of insufficient quality to achieve anything more than a defeat in the fourth round against a fighter whom many see as the successor to Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Tony Ferguson is one of the fighters with whom Khabib has unresolved accounts. The fight between the two was arranged as many as five times, but Ferguson and Nurmagomedov never found themselves on opposite sides of the cage.

There was always some "force majeure" that prevented him, Khabib retired in the meantime, and Ferguson dropped out of his "prime" So we were left deprived of a fight that had long been reputed to be the most waited and potentially biggest in UFC lightweight history.

There are a lot of those who thought that "El Cucuy" was the fighter who did not fit the invincible Khabib in style and believed that he could inflict the first defeat in his career.

Islam on Ferguson

Such opinions have pretty much subsided after Ferguson lost three fights in a row.

However, Islam Makhachev wants to prove that Ferguson is not at the level of Khabib Nurmagomedov. '' If they give me the next opponent to choose from, then it would be Tony Ferguson because we have a good history with him.

Khabib was supposed to fight him five or six times. Let's finish that story." "I'll be the one to finish him. I will show that Tony Ferguson is not at Khabib’s level. People do not understand what kind of pressure Khabib exerts during the fight.

I can't explain it to you, but I think you all know, '' Islam Makhachev told the media after the UFC on ESPN 26 event. Despite the fact that Ferguson has lost three fights in a row, all three opponents are top fighters (Gaethje, Oliveira, Dariush).

"El Cucuy" is still ranked high in fifth place. Makhachev's victory over such an opponent would surely be a win and he would further advance to the top, and Tony Ferguson would have the opportunity to stab Khabib with a possible victory and at least somewhat revive theories that he is the fighter who could have defeated Nurmagomedov.

Yet for now Makhachev looks like a fighter who could reach Khabib’s level, and it will certainly be interesting to follow his career