Stephens on Klose: "I don’t tolerate the way he behaved"

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Stephens on Klose: "I don’t tolerate the way he behaved"

Drakkar Klose and Jeremy Stephens were scheduled to fight April 17 at the UFC on ESPN 22 event. However, during the confrontation after weighing, Stephens pushed Klose hard, who suffered a neck injury and a concussion. "Lil Heathen" did not show any sympathy or guilt for his actions, and recently he even rejoiced over Klose's injury and stated that he believes he has won that fight.

Stephens is facing a fight against Mateusz Gamrot this weekend, and at the press conference he touched again on Drakkar Klose and the aforementioned incident. "I would never accept the fight against him (Klose) again. He had a great opportunity to fight in the title fight.

I would never have gotten such a chance if it weren’t for me." "I don’t tolerate the way he behaved. If he manages to win his fights and climbs the ladder, then we could fight. But honestly, I don’t want that fight.

I would knock him out anyway and move on, '' said Stephens, who is clearly not thrilled with the idea that a fight between him and Klose would now attract much more interest after everything that happened between them.

Klose on the situation

As a reminder, Drakkar Klose was quite angry and disappointed with the whole situation, and he made a statement for MMA Fighting back in April and said: '' Dana White claims it was a savage move.

I watched some interview where he said Jeremy was a savage (in a positive context, op.a.). For me, it was a dirty move. I think they should have paid me for both the performance and the victory." "I showed up there, I did everything professionally.

He's the one who screwed up, not me. I was terribly angry. It was a great opportunity for me, to get there and beat him in the title fight of the evening" "It makes me angry that people think I wasn’t really hurt. I want to take revenge on him on the street and if I meet him, I swear I will reach him, '' Drakkar Klose said at the time.

It’s a little unclear why Jeremy Stephens thinks he hasn’t done anything wrong and doesn’t see that he is the sole culprit in the whole situation. An honest apology would fix things, and with it he would send a much better picture of himself.

Even more obscure is Dana White who blamed UFC matchmaker Sean Shelby standing between the two fighters throughout the story. Stephens ’behavior is reprehensible, but we’ve seen pushing on the weighing a lot of times.

The problem is that Jeremy Stephens just doesn’t see his guilt or just behaves like that in front of the media.