Moutinho: Once the cameras turn on, O‘Malley and his team don’t stop talking."

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Moutinho: Once the cameras turn on, O‘Malley and his team don’t stop talking."

28-year-old Kris Moutinho (9-5, 0-1 UFC) was given a surprise opportunity to make his debut as part of the main part of the UFC’s PPV event. Sean O’Malley was left without a fight against originally planned opponent Louis Smolka, and UFC matchmakers found Chris Moutinho as an alternative.

The guy with no particularly rich experience or impressive ratio was thrown into the fire against Sean O’Malley who is reputed to be the greatest talent of the UFC’s bantamweight category. Although O'Malley was dominant from start to finish of the fight and came away with a stoppage 27 seconds before the end of the fight, debutant Moutinho left a good impression with his incredible toughness and heartiness.

A combative and uncompromising approach and a big heart that constantly pushed him forward also brought him a $ 75,000 bonus for participating in the best fight of the evening.

Trash talk

In an interview with MMA Fighting, Moutinho touched on his opponent who is known for trash talk and the approach that makes many compare him to Conor McGregor.

'' He can do whatever he wants. He has a way of showing up only when in front of the camera. I am always the same person, whether I am in front of the camera or not, one hundred percent I am always the same person."

"He is not. When the cameras go off, he's incredibly polite and comfortable, he won’t tell you anything. Once the cameras turn on, he and his team don’t stop talking. So we’re different in a way, we have a different view of things."

"If I don't love someone, then I don't love them and I always approach them with the same energy, '' Moutinho said. Sean O'Malley hit as many as 72 percent of the shots thrown, and after nearly 15 minutes of damage, Herb Dean decided to end the fight even though Moutinho didn't seem shaken nor did the situation itself seem like something to stop.

However, it is difficult to accuse Dean of premature termination because it is a fight that could have been stopped much earlier. Moutinho, on the other hand, regrets that the fight was not planned for five rounds. '' I felt him getting a little scared as we approached the end.

If this was a five-round fight, he would be even more scared. I think I pushed him to the limit and I think he was tired. I attacked him at a pace that would eventually exhaust him, "added the guy from Massachusetts.