Firas Zahabi: "I don’t know how anyone can be a fan of McGregor"

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Firas Zahabi:  "I don’t know how anyone can be a fan of McGregor"

The owner of Tristar Gym and world-renowned MMA coach Firas Zahabi were stunned by Conor McGregor’s behavior towards and during UFC 264 event. Although he respects his skills and martial arts achievements, Zahabi believes that such behavior is beyond all limits and that something like this should not be tolerated.

'' I was really disgusted. I don’t know how anyone can be a fan of this man (Conor McGregor). I respect him as a fighter, I respect his skills, I can’t dispute that, but the way he behaved is horrible."

"It is questionable whether this man has a real friend. Maybe he is simply surrounded by people who just want prestige and money, or want to have a benefit of him." "But if he has at least one real friend, then that friend will invite him for a private conversation and tell him that such behavior is stupid."

"He will tell him he embarrasses his family, friends, and himself. It's just humiliating for a warrior and an MMA fighter to behave like that, '' Zahabi began with his presentation on his Youtube channel.

The famous coach believes that Conor's interview in the cage just after the fight is simply unforgivable, regardless of the context of the situation, affect, or something like that. "He is now threatening the children as well.

If someone else was doing things like that, someone from a preliminary card for example, we would all be talking about how that guy needs to be kicked off the roster urgently." "However, this is Conor McGregor and he is allowed to do things like this.

He is the one who sells tickets. No, this is unforgivable and cannot be overcome." "Before fighting Khabib, he mentioned family members, religion, and other things that are not mentioned. Whatever quarrel you have with the other side, you can't threaten to kill and then start threatening children, team members, etc.

It's animal behavior, and the things he said about Poirier's wife are disgusting, '' Zahabi continued.

Narcissistic behavior

Firas believes that Conor is showing a large dose of narcissistic behavior and that he simply does not know how to accept defeat.

'' I think McGregor suffers from severe narcissism. Unfortunately, he does not see it and is not aware of it. So he needs a real friend or family member to warn him about it." "He's just embarrassing himself.

You will never see a fighter behave like that. He’s the only guy who when he loses, he just can’t accept it." "He can’t look in the mirror and tell himself that it just wasn’t his day and that he has to fix some things.

He talks about how it was an accident, how there was no blocked kick, he talks about the second round showing everything." "These are total nonsens. ” Firas said in his presentation.