Khabib believes that God humbled McGregor

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Khabib believes that God humbled McGregor

The exact moment in which Conor McGregor’s leg fracture occurred is a topic of many MMA experts and former fighters. Retired fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov did not bother analyzing and searching for the exact moment, but he expressed his view as to why Conor was hit by a serious injury.

'' There will always be something superior to what we have. Sometimes people think they are omnipotent and can do whatever they want." "Then God made them humble. I watched an interview with his coach who doesn’t understand how an injury like this happened."

"Kavanagh claimed that Conor was a young man in full force and therefore it is unclear how this kind of thing happened. Everything comes to you from God." Khabib believes that wealth and fame should not change a man "You have to be humble.

When you become rich, strong, and famous and think that you are responsible for all that, then God will bring you down to earth, '' Khabib said in an interview with MMA Junkie.


In an interview with ESPN, Khabib shared his happiness over Poirier's victory and directed certain insults at Conor McGregor.

Even in this conversation, Nurmagomedov did not hide his enthusiasm for the victory of "Diamond" '' I really enjoyed this fight. I am very happy for Dustin Poirier. I think he deserves a chance to attack the belt and I think he deserves to be the UFC lightweight champion.

" Dustin Poirier and Khabib Nurmagomedov fought in November 2019. The Dagestani defeated Poirier in the third round, but the fighters delighted with the mutual respect they showed towards each other during introductory press conferences as well as after the fight.

Khabib seems to truly appreciate Dustin Poirier and sees him as his legitimate successor on the lightweight throne. At least until it is Islam Makhachev's turn. And indeed, it seems that Poirier will be the one who could succeed Nurmagomedov on the throne.

Poirier looks unstoppable and it seems his run could take a long time. McGregor as one of the biggest fighters of the category twice unsuccessfully tried to defeat Poirier, but the American is too good for anyone. White announced that a third fight could happen, but of course, several factors will determine such a match.

The question is when will McGregor recover, will anyone else show up in the meantime, will the fighters manage to agree? All this remains in question