Khabib denied the possibility of fighting GSP

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Khabib denied the possibility of fighting GSP

Ali Abdelaziz was a guest on Mike Tyson’s podcast in May and revealed that Khabib has a rich offer on the table to fight Georges St-Pierre. Despite a generous financial offer, Nurmagomedov turned down any possibility of such a fight taking place.

'' He sent me a message (Ali Abdelaziz) saying, 'Hey, Georges St-Pierre wants a fight against you,' and I replied, 'What can I tell you? I'm done fighting. I think the GSP is also over. Let him be a legend."

He believes that GSP has achieved everything and that he is still surprised why he wants to fight "He’s 40 and I don’t understand why he has to fight. He has enough money too. I'm done, I'm really done, '' Nurmagomedov told MMA Junkie.

There will be long speculation about Khabib’s return, various fighters and upcoming UFC lightweight champions will call for his return to try to bring down his undefeated streak. However, the Dagestani is aware of that.

"I am only 32 years old. People will talk about this for the next seven or eight years. Most MMA fighters actually reach their peak when they turn 37 or 38 years old. People will talk about my return until then. " Not so long ago, more precisely in February this year, Khabib stated that only the fight against the GSP could bring him back from retirement.


Now there has been a change in his statement. What the reason is, we still don’t know '' Name me any current UFC fighters, none of them interest me. None of them create fire or excitement for me. But when I hear the name of Georges St-Pierre, then I would like to get up and run ten kilometers at the same time, that fighter motivates me so much, "Khabib said in an interview with Magomed Ismailov.

The Dagestani seems to have changed his mind and has definitely come to terms with retirement. He is currently enjoying life and is preoccupied with various things like coaching UFC fighters, running an MMA organization (Eagle Fighting Championship), and occasionally thinking about a football career.

The decision Khabib made must be respected and he probably knows best why he made that decision. While most would love to watch Khabib a little more in the UFC world, it certainly won’t happen. He has set himself some other priorities and seems to have achieved what he wanted and that he has absolutely no motivation to fight anymore.