McGregor's shocking threats were caught

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McGregor's shocking threats were caught

Many will conclude after the UFC 264 event that Conor McGregor has shown his true face. In his media appearances, we can hardly determine what is real and what is acting. When is he truly a “good guy” and when is he a “Notorious”? But when, in physical, and probably even greater mental pain, he sat by the fence of the cage after the defeat by Dustin Poirier, it is hard to assume that he was up for acting.

The version that he showed his worst face is much more realistic. Already in the very statement, he gave to Joe Rogan, we could feel frustration and anger, and Dustin said at the press conference that he did not say nearly as hard words as what he had said before, which the UFC cameras did not record or they have not broadcast yet.

But someone from the front row recorded a moment we can only shudder at. While the winner was being announced, followed by Dustin's statement, Conor pointed to the Poirier couple, imitating a gun sign, and said: "In your sleep, you’re getting it, in your sleep you’re dead, you and your Mrs, it ain’t over" Probably Dustin heard that, so he told Joe Rogan, right at the beginning of the interview, to ask Conor for a comment, to which he said that it would be the Irishman's turn and the interview was done.


After that, Conor really did his interview, with fierce insults to Dustin's wife, and the whole time he was being carried out on a stretcher, he was saying something very angry with hand gestures. We won't be surprised if something like that appears in public soon.

Still, the question remains whether this is all part of McGregor's game, that is, whether he has already started to build a story for a possible fourth fight, as Dana White has actually already announced? We can’t really be sure with him, but either way, this sounded creepy.

It is inconceivable that such things and such threats happen in such a serious organization. Will the UFC react to this and will it sanction McGregor for this? Surely there is little chance of something like that, because things like this contribute to the popularity of the UFC even though it really shouldn’t be McGregor has such a reputation in the UFC that hardly anything is going to happen, but really things like this don’t need to happen