White: "I believe we will organize a rematch"

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White: "I believe we will organize a rematch"

No one likes it when an MMA fight ends the way Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor’s UFC 264 fight ended. No one likes it when there are no knockouts, giving up, or at least clear referee decisions for everyone." Injuries are something that happens every day in this sport.

Much more often in training than in the fight itself, especially those after which the fighter is unable to continue. But that is exactly what happened in this fight and we cannot escape it. Of course, the man who organized the fight cannot be satisfied with all this.

UFC President Dana White believes that because of all this, this is by no means the end of the story between Poirier and McGregor. This is simply not the way such rivalries are finished. "This is not the way you want to see the fights end.

Dustin Poirier will be fighting for the title and Conor has to recover first. When he is ready I believe we will organize a rematch," was the first thing White said at the press conference. further explained what was said: "The fight isn't over.

No fight can have such an end. We'll see what happens, and we don't know how much Conor will be out. Dustin will do what his job is in the meantime." We can assume that Conor’s statements after the fight are actually evidence of continued rivalry and something on which a possible fourth fight could be built.

White was asked what he thought about it, first and foremost about Conor commenting on Dustin's wife again. "No, it wasn't right, I don't like it. Leave the family out of everything, they have nothing to do with this," White is clear on the matter.

Title fight

He was asked another hypothetical question. What if Dustin holds the title the moment Conor is ready to return? Will he, despite the fact that he has only one win in the last almost five years, immediately get a chance to fight for the title or will he still need one win before that? "We'll see what happens, we can't and shouldn't speculate in this sport.

We don't know how much Conor will be out of everything after surgery or what will happen to Dustin." "We'll know everything when the time comes," White confirmed Of course, the same topic was on the repertoire when Poirier came to the media.

Still convinced that the end of the fight did not come due to unfortunate circumstances, but that he was responsible for it, he initially commented on the mentioned ending. "I didn't want to win this way, but I'm sure what happened was the result of a blocked shot.

He got what he deserved. I didn't doubt myself. I beat him in January and they offered me a title fight." "I decided to accept this and in the end it paid off, ”he said