Khabib after Poirier's victory: "Good always defeats evil"

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Khabib after Poirier's victory: "Good always defeats evil"

Khabib Nurmagomedov has been retired for almost nine months, but he is still very much involved in sports, as a spectator perhaps more than before while he had to focus much more on his own career. And of course, the undefeated retired champion watched UFC 264 and its main fight, between Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier.

He is actually particularly interested in this, as these are the fighters he met during his championship reign. He won against both in a similar way, but that’s actually the only thing similar in those matches. With Conor, everything became personal and there was a lot more there than the classic competition of two fighters, while with Dustin, everything was in a very correct frame.

A lot of respect existed before the fight and remained after it. So it should come as no surprise who Khabib supported and to whom he kind of dedicated what he wrote shortly after the fight ended. "Good always defeats evil.
Very happy for Dustin Poirier.

I hope you will get the belt end of the year" Khabib wrote briefly on Twitter. It is clear that Khabib is still not indifferent to these fighters, and there is no doubt that his status was affected by McGregor's behavior this week, where he also referred to Khabib within his verbal escapades, stating that he was a fighter whose late father set up fights

Set up match

We don't know if he meant that he set up the one against him, in which the Dagestani forced him to tap by choking and from which we remember Conor's statement between the two rounds that this is all just business.

Khabib has previously announced that he does not believe that Charles Oliveira will welcome the end of the year with the title of champion, and in addition, he announced Islam Makhachev as the future champion. Makhachev is leading the UFC's Fight Night next weekend, but a possible victory against Thiago Moises will not be enough for him to activate his championship ambitions.

Meanwhile, Khabib believes the title will go to Poirier, a fighter many believe he absolutely deserved. And indeed by all accounts, it is Poirier who could win the title because he seems unstoppable and we can hardly see anyone other than him on the throne.

Oliveira is a really great fighter, and in a short time he has shown a lot but most think that Poirier is still a class higher. It remains for us to wait for that match and see who is really the "king" of the division.