Oliveira believes McGregor is his next opponent

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Oliveira believes McGregor is his next opponent

Right after Charles Oliveira was announced as someone to follow UFC 264 events from the front lines, it was clear what the UFC’s intentions were. It wasn't long after the UFC announced the same. The winner of the third fight, Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier, will face an attack on the UFC lightweight title, the one owned by the aforementioned Brazilian since May.

Of course, Oliveira will watch the fight from several angles with great interest and will try to find out as much as he can about someone who will be his next opponent later this year. And does anyone have a special wish who it could be? A reporter for the ubiquitous TMZ tried to find out in front of the T-Mobile Hall in Las Vegas.

"I'm a champion, so it's exactly the same for me. McGregor or Poirier, it's the same. I'm ready," Oliveira said with the help of an interpreter, which is a sign that he still hasn't worked more seriously in English and even with these simple questions.

Earlier, in some interviews, Oliveira said something similar, adding that the fight against McGregor still sounds more attractive because of his financial side. Perhaps that is exactly what led his opinion to the side of the Irishman when he was asked about the outcome of the fight.

Next opponent

"Conor. Conor McGregor by knockout" read the name of the one Charles believed would take the win. The 31-year-old Brazilian is currently within a string of nine wins and has been reborn by going from featherweight to lightweight.

McGregor and Poirier are also former fighters of the lower division, so here we can find proof that very often the case is such that better results can be achieved in a more natural category, without the need to lose extra weight.

We should find out who Charles Oliveira's next opponent will be on Sunday morning, and it won't surprise us if the first clash in the Octagon takes place immediately. The UFC, especially since the fans have returned to the stands, desperately needs such little things because they get a lot in the marketing field.

Regardless of who will emerge from the fight as the winner. Oliveira will definitely have an interesting evening in which McGregor will try to take revenge on Poirier. According to most, the favorite is Porirer, but we know what an Irishman he is, so we should not be surprised if there is a match between McGregor and Oliveira.