Petr Yan commented on the match between England and Denmark in an interesting way

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Petr Yan commented on the match between England and Denmark in an interesting way

It’s been hard to ignore the fact for the last month that the European Football Championship is a major sporting event in the world. It is simply tied to everything, and as it nears the end, so do more and more of those who have dedicated their time to it.

It’s no different in the martial arts world either. Everyone is following and cheering for their favorites and waiting to see who will lift the trophy on Sunday, July 11th. Yesterday, the English national football team came one step closer to that, but in a way that simply inflamed the media and social networks.

Almost everyone agrees that the penalty kick on Raheem Sterling wasn't, who eventually broke the game and decided the winner, actually is not a penalty. The English winger skillfully tricked the referee, but also those in the VAR room, which is actually amazing if we know that these same people see what the whole world does.

UFC and Soccer

That's how a martial arts football link appeared, and it was pulled by former UFC bantamweight champion Petr Yan. He had a similar situation after his title was taken by Sterling in March this year, according to many also in a dishonest way, but this time by Aljamain from New York.

He did not fail to reveal what he thinks about it via Twitter. "It was a dive. Is it a coincidence his last name is also Sterling?" the Russian fighter wrote. Recall, this UFC Sterling came to the championship title after an illegal kick by which the Russian hit him, finding that he could not continue after that.

It was towards the end of the fourth round of the fight that Sterling was losing at the time and there didn’t seem to be a great chance in the fifth round to turn everything around. It was expected that the rematch of Yan and Sterling should be done at the first opportunity, but the new champion decided to repair his injuries so that his return will not be at least until the fall.

However, the consolation for Peter Yan, unlike the Danish footballers, is that he will get his chance to correct what he considers an injustice. The Danes remain the heroes of many neutral fans of this "Euro", but England will go to the finals.

Together with his Sterling. Indeed, it is strange how much injustice there is in various sports, and we hope that there will be as few of them as possible.