UFC have entered the ‘crypto’ world, the deal is worth $ 175 million

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UFC have entered the ‘crypto’ world, the deal is worth $ 175 million

Just before the event, in which they intend to break several records and earn a new large sum on the company's account, the UFC revealed that a new valuable sponsorship agreement was signed. A contract by which, so to speak, the UFC also enters the world of cryptocurrencies.

No, they (at least for now) have not yet made their “coin” nor have they transferred part of their capital to any of the cryptocurrencies. In fact, they signed a sponsorship deal with crypto.com. Crypto.com is currently the most popular cryptocurrency trading service, and their mobile app is one of the most downloaded in the last year.

They have signed a sponsorship deal with the UFC under which their name will be found on the official equipment of UFC fighters. According to media reports, the contract was signed in ten years and is worth $ 175 million. That is exactly how long we will be looking at the logo of this company on the fighters.

So if you follow the UFC, for the next ten years you won’t be able to get away from the word crypto and so probably from the thought that you might start doing the currently most popular “trading”.

Logo on the shirt

And what many, mostly absolutely wrong, consider a way to make easy money.

We’ll be seeing the new logo on the shirts as early as this weekend, at the UFC 264 event. "This is a partnership between two big companies, the best in what they do. No company has contributed more to the rise in martial arts popularity than the UFC and we are currently one of the biggest sports brands on the planet." "We can help Crypto.com reach more people through the strength of our brand, ”Dana White said on the occasion of the unveiling of this partnership.

Of course, we listed above the price of how much that help will cost. In addition, ESPN has learned that the fighters will not have any additional financial benefits at the expense of this contract. But they will have the opportunity to sign individual contracts with the said company.

In short, another opportunity for the best and most popular, while everyone else will have to build their status as before. This is certainly a great thing for White but also for the entire UFC who will get serious money. In any case, both sides will benefit from this partnership