Blaydes believes it will not be difficult against Jairzinho

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Blaydes believes it will not be difficult against Jairzinho

Matchmaking at the top of the UFC heavyweight division was done very well. One of the fights that follow in the near future thus brings the duel of the fourth and sixth fighters from the official ladder, Curtis Blaydes and Jairzinho Rozenstruik.

It’s a fight in which victory brings a new big breakthrough opportunity, something like the one Blaydes gambled in his last fight, when he was defeated by Derrick Lewis. As for the fight against Rosenstruik, the preparations for it should not be too different from the ones he did for the last fight.

It is very easy to conclude where Blaydes has the advantage, and it is known what the main quality of his opponent is. Now the only question is whether Blaydes will be able to do everything necessary so that he does not repeat the unwanted moment from the last fight.

He said something about that in an interview for Low Kick MMA. "I'm not impressed with his technique. The power is impressive, but the technique is not. I watched him against Cyril Gane and immediately there was a difference in speed, fluidity, and technique."

"Jairzinho is an old-school fighter. You go, I go, you go, I go. I don't consider him explosive, he doesn't have some crazy attacks, in fact, everything he does is the basics." "But it works for him so far so he sticks to what he knows how to do.

It doesn't bring a lot of surprises and that's why it's easy to prepare tactics for him. But you have to be aware of that strength all the time and so be careful, ”Blaydes commented on what awaits him.


Of course, caution must not be lacking at any time.

Blaydes learned this in the fight against Lewis. One mistake was enough to find himself fighting for the status of a fighter from the top instead of fighting for the (temporary) title. "It should be a fight like against Derrick Lewis, only this time I won't be hit by an uppercut.

I think I'm faster than him, and I'm definitely longer." "Overall I'm a better fighter, I'd even say I have better punching techniques than him. I am more aggressive and I will be able to push him to the edge of the cage."

"After that, I will face his mistake and finish him, no matter if it will be on his feet or I will knock him down and finally reach that first victory by forcing him to give up," reads the simple tactic. Defeat in this fight is never an option, at least for those who intend to remain a relevant candidate to attack the top of the increasingly open and quality-filled heavyweight category.