White: "Ngannou said he was shocked, and I'm telling you it's nonsense"

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White: "Ngannou said he was shocked, and I'm telling you it's nonsense"

Immediately after a fight for the interim heavyweight title between Derrick Lewis and Cyril Gane was arranged for UFC 265, held Aug. 7 in Houston, the MMA public became very loud about the aforementioned topic. Among the loudspeakers were Francis Ngannou and his team, who were literally shocked by the promotion decision just three months after Ngannou won the title.

They believed his title defense was what followed. In recent conversations, we could hear from his coach that they were convinced that the title defense would take place on September 25 and that negotiations were going in that direction, so they are even more shocked that the UFC could not wait less than two months.

But the shock should not have been revealed by UFC President Dana White in a conversation with journalist Farrah Hanoun, revealing that all this has actually been a very realistic option for weeks, with which the heavyweight champion and his team were very familiar.

"Ngannou said he was shocked, and I'm telling you it's nonsense. I can't be shocked because we talked about it weeks ago. They knew it would happen if we didn't reach an agreement." "I don't know what's different here than usual.

, this has happened a million times already, ”White said, thus revealing how Ngannou’s team received a sort of ultimatum regarding the August 7 issue.

Temporary title

Lewis has previously announced that he has signed a contract for a show in Houston and that he is waiting for Ngannou.

His signature eventually remained, but with a different opponent's name on paper. "We're in a business where we organize fights every Saturday and we needed a fight for that date in Houston. We didn't agree with Francis, so we agreed on a fight for a temporary title, a fight that really makes sense," he explained, continuing: "You have Derrick Lewis who is number 2 on the list and he absolutely deserves it.

Stipe is number 1, but Stipe just lost. Lewis also beat Ngannou." "Ciryl came after a great fight he had that weekend. We have two top fighters in the fight for the temporary title, and the winner will then fight Francis.

" White added that on September 25, he was not an option for the heavyweight title, but that it was intended for the originally planned date. After failing to reach an agreement with the champion, the move was withdrawn, showing the UFC once again that it will have no patience with those who do not intend to dance the way they play themselves.