Rashad Evans had only words of praise for Jon Jones

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Rashad Evans had only words of praise for Jon Jones

Retired MMA fighter Rashad Evans in an interview with TMZ touched on Jon Jones and his transition to a higher category. Although the date and opponent for Jones' heavyweight debut are not known, it seems that "Bones" really intends to move to the heavyweight category this time and is working hard to gain extra muscle mass.

There are a lot of different opinions about Jones’s chances against the heavyweights. Critics believe Jones dominated the light heavyweight division largely because of the length of his limbs, size, and physical strength.

There is another side that believes Jon possesses all the tools to dominate the heavyweight division. Former UFC category champion Rashad Evans belongs to this second group. '' Jon will only continue to build his legacy by moving to a higher category.

He is a phenomenal athlete and fighter. His martial IQ is unbeatable" "I expect him to transfer those things to the heavyweight category as well. The fact is that the heavyweights are big and hit harder and that could be a problem for him.

However, we are talking about the great Jon Jones. He adapts to every situation, '' said Evans, who was not sparing on compliments. Recall, Rashad Evans and Jon Jones trained together for many years and were teammates. The quarrel broke out in 2011.

Rashad Evans was to fight in the UFC 128 event against "Shogun" Rue for the UFC light heavyweight title. However, after Jones ’victory over Ryan Bader at UFC 126, it was announced that Rashad Evans injured his knee and will not be able to perform at the UFC 128 event.

Jones was offered the opportunity to break in as a replacement and he reluctantly accepted it. Then 23-year-old Jon Jones knocked out "Shogun" in the third round and became the youngest champion in UFC history.


That record still stands.

Rashad Evans got angry because he thought Jones had taken his place as a challenger and "Suga" left JacksonWink Hall soon after. He got a chance for revenge in April 2012, but "Bones" won by a unanimous decision of the referee and registered his third defense of the belt.

Five rounds and years of training make Evans extremely knowledgeable when it comes to Jon Jones's quality. The 41-year-old "Suga" believes that Jones has a good chance against the current heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou.

However, Evans doesn’t write off Ngannou either and believes the Cameroonian would be a real challenge for Jones. '' Fighting Francis, it's a very intriguing fight because Francis neutralizes all the benefits that Jones has enjoyed for many years.

Much longer reach and physical strength are not advantages Jones could count on here and that is why this fight is very interesting." "Jones is strong in a lot of different aspects and it will be interesting to see if he can bring it all into the heavyweight division.

It’s hard to say he can’t because it’s Jon Jones after all." "Also, it is important to emphasize that Ngannou is progressing exponentially. He is extremely willing to work on his grappling, and he is increasingly in control of his strength and does not throw every blow with full force.

He really made progress and therefore it is difficult to say who would win, '' Rashad Evans added

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