Covington believes McGregor doesn’t have the motivation to fight

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Covington believes McGregor doesn’t have the motivation to fight

Colby Covington in an interview for MMA Fighting commented on the upcoming UFC 264 event led by Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor. More specifically, he gave his view of the main fight of the evening. Currently, the top-ranked UFC welterweight fighter believes in the victory of his former teammate Dustin Poirier.

Yet, apparently, he does not see such a victory as something significant given that McGregor is in serious age and is slowly losing motivation for the sport. This is not surprising given all the money and fame he has gained '' Yes, he will beat Conor again, but what does such a victory say? He will beat a guy who is totally left without motivation for this sport.

I love Conor, he had a great career and he did great things in this sport, but his time is up." Covington believes that McGregor is not training as hard as he used to and that he has fulfilled the goals he set for himself.

But given McGregor’s media appearances, it doesn’t seem like that. McGregor is trying to apply trash talk again and it looks like his win against Poirier is one of his most important goals so far. " Obviously, he doesn’t train every day and doesn’t work on his skills.

He is focused on other jobs that fill his pockets and thicken his bank account." "He's not that hungry Conor a couple of years ago. This is Conor who is nearing the end of his journey and winning over him doesn't mean much, '' Chaos said.

McGregor is focused

Definitely one of the more meaningful statements of Colby Covington in the sea of ​​nonsense he utters as part of his famous "trash talk" However, Conor McGregor claims to be extremely focused and intends to finish the trilogy with Dustin as the winner.

We will see everything in the night from Saturday to Sunday, and Conor is left to silence the criticism related to his hunger and motivation with a good performance. Colby Covington, on the other hand, is waiting for his chance for a rematch against Kamaru Usman, and the hunger of the two best welters is not in question.

"Chaos" is the fighter who caused the most trouble to the dominant Nigerian and we are all looking forward to the official announcement of their rematch. Covington certainly has the motivation and will try to take revenge for the previous defeat, and what is the bigger reason for revenge than the previous defeat?