Ciryl Gane believes in victory, but does not want to underestimate Lewis

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Ciryl Gane believes in victory, but does not want to underestimate Lewis

For several days, we read and listened to various opinions and arguments about arranging a fight for the interim UFC heavyweight champion. It seems that each side has presented what it has to say, and we are slowly turning to announcements of the fight and analysis.

In an interview with MMA Fighting, Ciryl Gane described his vision of the fight with Derrick Lewis and explained the way to win. '' This guy (Lewis) is very dangerous, we all know that." Gane also described what the fight should look like, and how he will fight such a fighter.

Although optimistic and confident he did not want to underestimate his opponent and believes that Lewis has a weapon he can use against his opponents. "He’s like Jairzinho in a way, once he touches you, you’re on the floor.

That makes it extremely dangerous, but I think we will neutralize that style. I will hit him while he won't touch me. I think I have the skills for something like that, '' Gane said. Lewis is often accused of being a one-dimensional fighter with a chronic lack of skills and martial intelligence.

However, Ciryl Gane disagrees. '' Yes, I'm impressed with him (Lewis) because a lot of people say he doesn't have a martial IQ and he doesn't have any skills." "However, he knows what he has and uses it very well.

I think he is very dangerous. But I will put pressure on him as I did on Volkov. I will take him into the deep waters and give him a lot of pressure. "


"Bon Gamin" also touched on the potential fight between Francis Ngannou and Jon Jones and stated who he would rather see as his opponent if he defeated Lewis.

'' This is a good question. However, just because of the historical importance, I would prefer to fight Francis in Paris, mostly because of the fans. It is commendable that the Frenchman does not underestimate Derrick Lewis and enters fully focused in the preparations for this fight.

Although Gane on paper acts as a fairly skilled and high-quality fighter, Lewis possesses a deadly weapon in his hands that can surprise any fighter in the world. In any case, a duel of two great fighters is waiting for us, who are extremely difficult opponents for anyone.

We will look forward to their match and hope for a good fight in which they will both be at the level they have always been.