Dustin Poirier decided to replay to McGregor

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Dustin Poirier decided to replay to McGregor

ESPN reporter Brett Okamoto conducted an extensive interview with Dustin Poirier about the upcoming fight against Conor McGregor. They touched on a number of topics, and "Diamond" commented on Conor McGregor's proposal at one stage of the conversation.

The Irishman wrote on his Twitter profile: "First one to shoot’s a dusty b****”. wrote Conor, who obviously wants to fight only on the feet, and with mental games like this, he tries to get Dustin to his mill.

The rejection of wrestling and parterre brings a kind of dose of relaxation and a few worries less for the Irishman. However, Poirier read McGregor's intentions. '' Why wouldn't the bitch be the first to be knocked down? This is MMA, it is necessary to connect all aspects.

It seems to radiate insecurity from him, '' Poirier said in an interview with Okamoto. Calf kicks ie kick to the opponent's sheets, are some of the decisive factors in Dustin's victory in the last fight. Poirier believes the Irishman will be more prepared this time.

'' It's clear that this time they will try to block my kicks if I throw them. But maybe I won’t even throw them away at all. I expect him to be the one to use the calf kicks this time. I worked a lot on countering those shots, while I don't work on placing calf kicks at all, '' Diamond said.

Trash talk

There was a lot of talk about Conor’s approach to the second fight. It wasn’t the typical Conor McGregor with a bunch of trash talk on the verge of good taste. The Irishman presented his second version, tame and with a handful of respect for the opponent.

Some claim that such a Conor cannot provide its best release in a cage, and it seems that Conor himself decided to reject that version and return to the one that made him globally popular. Dustin Poirier sees no problem in this and expects just such a version of Conor.

'' The good thing is that I don't care if the crazy version of Conor reappears. Even if it had last appeared in such an edition, it would have been okay" "I’m pretty sure he’ll be in such a crazy release this time, but how crazy can he be? The last time you were knocked out, you were put on an airplane in front of the whole world.

What do you have to say? '', Added Dustin, who seems quite calm and confident before the third fight against Conor McGregor. Trash talk will be more and more as the fight approaches, and it is up to us to indulge in the pleasure that this fight brings with it. Both fighters are highly motivated and the excitement will not be lacking.