Georges St-Pierre made a prediction for UFC 264

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Georges St-Pierre made a prediction for UFC 264

As July 10 and UFC 264 approaches, the predictions of the main fight of the evening will be more frequent. After Khabib Nurmagomedov, the legendary Canadian Georges St-Pierre joined the prediction of the winner. Although Khabib did not completely write off Conor McGregor and give him a chance in the first round, the GSP believes the Irishman will win by knockout in the second round.

"I think McGregor is very good in the rematch and he will win this time. Probably by knockout in the second round, '' GSP said in an interview with Firas Zahabi for the official Youtube channel Tristar Gym. Firas Zahabi had a hard time choosing his favorite, but he decided to counter the GSP.

"My official prognosis is that this is a fifty-fifty fight. I think it can go both ways, but I choose Poirier because the GSP chose McGregor." "I will try to explain why Poirier is a meaningful choice. Conor's strength in the lightweight category is not as good as it may once have been, and he may have to do five rounds."

Psychological readiness

"I think Poirier in the second fight showed how smart he is to beat Conor in later rounds. And you know what else? In the first round, he received a strong blow with Conor's left, but he took it well."

"I think Poirier is now even more psychologically ready to receive Conor’s blow. I think Dustin will beat him in the third round and he will do the same thing as last time. He will attack McGregor's leg, he will injure him, and then finish him with boxing techniques.

'', Firas Zahabi was detailed in his analysis. Khabib and Zahabi don’t seem to have too much confidence in Conor’s ability to win the fight after the first round. Georges St-Pierre is somewhat more optimistic about it, but the second round is not something we would call a later stage of the fight.

The forecast of the famous fighters will certainly be in the coming days, and we have to wait until July 10 and see who was right. It is certainly very difficult to decide who is the favorite in matches like this, but most think that Poirier is the favorite since he was much better in the last match and showed that he is more ready.

Maybe this time, McGregor will be the one who will prepare better, but it is certain that the nuances will decide in the end