McGregor fans believe he is infected with staphylococcus!

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McGregor fans believe he is infected with staphylococcus!

Irish fighter Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier will compete for the third time. Their fight is the main fight of the evening at the UFC 264 event to be held on July 10th. It seems that both fighters' preparations are going according to plan and the fight should go according to plan.

However, fans on Reddit and Twitter spotted a potential problem with the Irish fighter. Namely, two days ago, Conor McGregor posted a photo of himself riding a bicycle on his Instagram profile, and a suspicious wound was spotted on his left arm.

And indeed, there is a clear stain on his hand that can be anything, and we still can't know what it is Fans on the mentioned social networks speculate that it is a staphylococcal infection. It is a bacterium that lives in our nose and on our skin, but it becomes extremely dangerous if it enters the bloodstream.

Fighters are often infected with this infection in the halls and on the tatami. Even after treatment with antibiotics, fighters often stressed that they felt extremely weak and bad during the fight if they were infected with this infection.

Such an infection seems to be much more dangerous than previously thought


Of course, entering the arena under the influence of infection is dangerous for the opponent, who also risks infection.

The hope remains that Conor's wound on his left arm is not a staphylococcal infection but an injury of a different nature.

Maybe he just tried to shoot the perfect photo on the bike too many times, and sometimes he fell off the bike. It is also possible that it is a simple scratch from training. Time will tell, and it is not excluded that the Irishman will use one of the methods of hiding the infection if he is really infected.

Of course, McGregor will have a different focus, but we are aware that everything that happens around McGregor related to his performance, styling, public appearance is of great interest, so it is not surprising that the same thing happened this time.

Most UFC fans hope this isn't a serious matter, and that this is just a small bruise that will pass quickly. It would be really bad if anything appeared that would prevent the next match between McGregor and Poirier, which will be a real spectacle and something that most UFC fans have been waiting for a long time.

They both look like they are training hard, and McGregor will try to correct the bad results he has had lately and try to get back to his former form.