Paige VanZant has a site with explicit content after leaving the UFC

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Paige VanZant has a site with explicit content after leaving the UFC

Paige VanZant did her last UFC performance in July last year. The defeat by Amanda Ribas was her fourth in the strongest MMA organization, and she was on the winning side five times. The American fighter decided to test the market and see where she can make the most money after her contract with the UFC expired.

Already in August last year, she signed a four-fight contract with the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship. It is a contract of alleged value over one million US dollars. VanZant lost in her debut by a unanimous decision against Britannia Hart.

Her next appearance is scheduled for July 23, and her opponent will be another former UFC fighter, Rachael Ostovich. In an interview with MMA Fighting, Paige explained why she left the UFC and how financially viable such a decision was.

'' My contract expired when I was 26 years old. I was really young and from a psychological point of view it was quite difficult to leave the strongest promotion in martial arts." "But now I know it was the best decision I ever made.

After that, I saw a lot of fighters leave the UFC. I’m not trying to denigrate the UFC, but I think fighters are becoming more aware and realizing that there is money in other places as well." "I played in the UFC for six years, and only now is it worthwhile for me to fight, '' Paige said.

It is not unknown how VanZant also found alternative ways to make money. Her personal website is a kind of fan site where with a subscription you get access to content similar to that published on services such as OnlyFans.

Paige was initially skeptical about this, but she realized she would have full control over the content and functioning of the site, and it was hard to resist the financial profit that comes with it all. '' There are two sides to this story.

I didn’t want to put myself in a position where I would lose business offers because of a website with explicit content.!

Fan Time

However, I feel like they have looked at me as a sex symbol in the world of sports before.

There is no point in not cashing in on that status. I wanted it to be on my terms and so I joined Fan Time. It is a separate company and I do not cooperate with the OnlyFans service. I have my own website and full control over what’s going on there.

I am proud to be a part of that. '', VanZant said and then looked back at her physical appearance. '' I work hard for a body like this and to be who I am. Aside from the martial art, there is also one extremely feminine side of me that I can now share with the fans."

"I think things like that are becoming more socially accepted. Previously, OnlyFans was viewed as a service exclusively for porn stars. I'm not saying it's the only content they share there, but I wanted to do something my own way and I did.

" Fans often wonder what her husband Austin Vanderford thinks about it. Paige claims that he was a great support in all this, and they had to explain to their parents in detail what it was all about. "I was actually against the idea, but he (Austin) pushed me by saying it was all just fun," VanZant explained.