Adesanya wants a win against Costa

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Adesanya wants a win against Costa

Israel Adesanya showed anger by talking about his opponent Paul Costa who many times did not choose words when talking about Adesanya "He might need a filter because he says some real dumb s--- sometimes," Adesanya said of Costa during a video conference call with a group of reporter, as quoted by ESPN

"Maybe he should put a filter on sometimes, [because] after I knock him out I'm just going to carry on with my day."

Both fighters are undefeated and it will be really interesting to watch the fight between them "Me and Costa have been two of the rising forces in the UFC," Adesanya said. "It was going to take a while to build us up as our own entities and then have a superfight, like we are now.

Remember when he said he doesn't know who I am? Well, you know who I am now."

Adesanya has huge expectations

Adesanya did not have such a good match last time but still won. He believes that the expectations he had from the previous match will be fulfilled in this match "This is perfect.

What I was expecting from my last fight is going to happen in this fight," Adesanya said. "In my story, you can't just have it going great. You need a dip. You need a valley when things go s---. That was me for my last fight after the performance Romero brought.

I'd never been in a boring fight in my life but that was a dip. This is the rise back and what better antagonist than this guy. "I think it's great for me because of the aesthetics. I'm the skinny person, the little frail kid, and he looks like the perfect antagonist.

He's big, bulky, juiced to the f---ing gills and he's a guy who beats everyone on the fence. So when I come in there with some Bruce Lee s--- and f--- him up, the casuals are going to feed off it. It means more eyes, more attention.

I love that." Asked if Costa has an advantage because of his size: Nope," he said. "I've fought at heavyweight in boxing and kickboxing and I plan on fighting in heavyweight in MMA at some point. "Size makes a difference if you know how to use it.

But they are always surprised when they step across the cage from me and they realise how long I am. They are always in for a rude awakening. I don't know why people think it's going to be a heavy factor. I'm used to this."