Nurmagomedov: "Life of an athlete is close to life in prison"

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Nurmagomedov: "Life of an athlete is close to life in prison"

Last year at the end of October, Khabib Nurmagomedov retired after the 29th victory in his career, surprising everyone. It has been speculated that the Dagestani made the decision in a fit of emotion over his father’s death, but eight months later, there is absolutely no indication that Nurmagomedov will change his mind.

Of course, this is still a short period, but the current impression is that the promise to the mother will remain kept. The 32-year-old has not completely left the sport. He continued to train and help young fighters and teammates.

However, Khabib is glad to have stepped out of the Spartan regime lived by professional athletes. '' I live the life of an average person, not a professional athlete. I think the life of an athlete is close to life in prison.

You do the same things every day - you train, you rest, you train again and you rest again." "You are constantly living in the same mode, at the same pace, without slowing down. Once you slow down, you're not a champion anymore and that's why I just got out of that prison, '' Khabib told UFC Russia.

Yet, someone who is competitive like a former UFC champion certainly lacks certain things that carry the life of an athlete at the highest level. Nurmagomedov also referred to this topic.

Competitive spirit

'' You could say I miss everything.

I often feel like I lack competition and a competitive spirit. There are a lot of things I miss simply because I’ve spent my whole life doing them." "However, not a single moment passed that I regretted my decision, but I still miss that competitive environment, training camps, weight loss, and similar things."

"It’s a kind of addiction that you can’t get rid of, it’s just there. Sometimes I want to get into a cage and break down, fight five rounds and lead to severe temptations. But such is life. At one stage of my life, I would definitely have to leave the sport.

", he added. Many are wondering what the fight between Nurmagomedov and Oliveira would look like, and such questions will arise every time a champion becomes a fighter whom Khabib did not defeat. The Dagestani is also aware of that.

'' Time will tell if I made the right decision. It always helps. These are speculations that have no end. There will always be new challenges and new champions, much hungrier and much younger." "There were them before me and there will be them after me, '' Nurmagomedov said, continuing with some life tips.

'' You have to leave this sport at the right time. The richest man is the one who is self-sufficient. If you have a sufficient amount of everything, you will also have peace of mind, and then you are the richest. Even if you don't have huge millions, but you are satisfied with what you have, you will be the richest. "