Ciryl Gane achieved a great victory against Volkov

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Ciryl Gane achieved a great victory against Volkov
Ciryl Gane achieved a great victory against Volkov (Provided by Sport World News)

There is no longer any doubt how good Ciryl Gane is. Victory in the main fight of UFC Fight Night 190 against Alexander Volkov, but mostly the way he got to it confirmed everything. The Frenchman is a new heavy weight story and it’s hard to conclude how he can be mastered.

And even more incredible is the fact that he leaves that impression despite the fact that he does not possess knockout strength, otherwise the main characteristic of successful heavyweights. The fight of these two was a fight of two tactically perfectly trained fighters who do not lag behind in terms of their technical quality.

But one was better than the other. It can be said that Volkov is better at the pace of this fight, which Gane managed to set, was able to respond equally on the first two rounds, while the remaining three the Frenchman did what he did best.

He would hit with his brilliantly measured and selected shots, and then go even faster to a distance where he cannot be endangered. Maybe that style of fighting is uninteresting to someone expecting a heavy “brawl,” but it’s hardly that these two could end like that.

This was a trick in which Ciryl Gane was simply a better fighter. And this above is the best description of what was going on, even though a lot has actually been seen. Anyone who likes to watch the outwitting of the two masters of combat could enjoy this way.

One referee awarded Gane all five rounds, a ratio that may still show the wrong picture, as we can’t say the Russian didn’t have his chances or was a passerby. He was also superbly prepared, he showed a lot, but he had a fighter against him who is definitely champion material.

The remaining two cards look more realistic, 49-46 in favor of Gane. The only question is how long it will take until he gets a chance to fight for the title. Dana White was not thrilled after Gane's victory over Jairzinho Rozenstruik, and we doubt it will be any different this time.

But who knows, maybe even the UFC president realizes he has a heavyweight who brings something different from the other members of the division.

Other fights

The title fight brought an important victory for Tanner Boser over the experienced Ovince St.

Preuxom. Boser accepted this fight less than a month after the close defeat by the Illyrians Latifi and managed to wash away the bitter taste that the said fight left him. He took the first round dominantly, although in fact a lot of action was not seen, while in the second he responded to St.

Preux's work on the ground floor. Shortly after a good grappling defense, Boser stood up, hit his opponent in the head with a knee in a clinch, and then finished him with his boxing techniques. Very interesting was the fight in which Timur Valiev defeated Raoni Barcelos.

The Russian fighter did a great job in the first round and secured a point advantage, and he looked good until a minute and a half before the end of the second, when he ended up on the floor twice after the blows of the Brazilian.

Somehow he endured until the end of the round, and then came back and did a great third round, after which he took the win. Namely, only one of the three referees thought that Barcelos deserved to take the second with a score of 10-8.

Dana White