Ciryl Gane feels it’s time to attack the title!

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Ciryl Gane feels it’s time to attack the title!

For those who enjoy the performances of top fighters, those of incredible talent and physical predispositions, the fight between Cyril Gane and Alexander Volkov was a real joy. 25 minutes of outsmarting, during which the Frenchman confirmed he was a better fighter.

Absolutely that, fighter, because this was a fight in which two connoisseurs did their best. It was clear very early on that there would be no knockouts, but anyone who understands the sport could very much enjoy the fight.

Gane (9-0, 6-0 UFC) thus came to their sixth UFC victory, making him the heavyweight with the best streak in the promotion, and according to many, the main candidate to attack the title, when the situation at the top is resolved.

He confirmed at the official press conference that he is ready to take that status. "I think I confirmed it today, I don't need another fight before the title attack. I think Volkov was a big enough test to confirm it, it was a great challenge for me, I proved what I needed to prove."

"If UFC wants me to pair up for the title fight tomorrow, I'm ready ", he confirmed his championship ambitions, adding that he is ready to wait for his chance for a little longer, if it is necessary. "Of course we can wait, that would give us time to make further progress in some aspects.

I can wait, after all, my baby is coming next month."


Gane’s head coach is Fernand Lopez, the man Ngannou left in 2018, the one in which he was defeated by Stipe Miocic and Derrick Lewis. After that, he further raised the quality of his performances, while Lopez just then started to create his new top heavyweight.

"I'm completely fine with that fight, I don't have any problems with it. Now when it's for the title, I'm completely relaxed about it, even though we were both born in the same hall." "I used to have small problems with it.

But now everything suits me perfectly because we're going to fight for the belt. It's something wonderful, for all of us, me, him and my coach, "he confirmed with satisfaction. Unfortunately for Gane in the top of the heavyweight division there are a lot of unexplained things.

It is not known when Francis Ngannou and Derrick Lewis will fight for the title, in fact no one can say for sure anymore and to claim that Lewis will be the opponent of the champion. And what about the situation with the indecisive Jon Jones? Stipe Miočić is always there.

It’s hard to conclude what might happen, but Gane has revealed he’s willing to wait. We'll see how long that takes.